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McS Tv Cam pack 1.13

Tv Cameras for kunos tracks

  1. McS Campack

    Albert McSaltens
    -Added cams here and there.
    -Added Laguna seca cameras.
  2. McS Tv Cam Pack

    Albert McSaltens
    New Cameras
  3. McS Tv Cam pack

    Albert McSaltens
    -Just added some more cams.
  4. McS TV Campack

    Albert McSaltens
    -Added some cams
    -Tweaked reverb for barcelona and Monza
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  5. McS Tv Campack

    Albert McSaltens
    Refinement of some cameras, plus some new.
  6. McS Campack

    Albert McSaltens
    -Added Cameras for Ks_Red_Bull_Ring
    -Added some cameras on a few tracks like monza,, Barcelona, and changed some others at other tracks.

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  7. McS Tv Campack

    Albert McSaltens
    Some fixes
  8. McS Tv Campack

    Albert McSaltens
    New cameras for some tracks, plus some existing ones have changed, Enjoy
  9. McS CamPack

    Albert McSaltens
    1.5 Added Brands Hatch Cameras
  10. McS CamPack

    Albert McSaltens
    -Some new cameras on diferent tracks, ( i can't remeber )
    -Added Reverb at barcelona ( pits and mainstraight )
    -Added a camera for Nordschleife, endurance and Tourist layouts
    -Added some start cams at Barcelona, Donington, Monza, Mugello.. can't remember if any more tracks... sry

    ** Note if you dont like the reverb you can open the audio sources ini file of that track and delete the text inside.**