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McS Tv Cam pack 1.13

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-Added cams here and there.
-Added Laguna seca cameras.
-Added some cams
-Tweaked reverb for barcelona and Monza
Refinement of some cameras, plus some new.
-Added Cameras for Ks_Red_Bull_Ring
-Added some cameras on a few tracks like monza,, Barcelona, and changed some others at other tracks.

New cameras for some tracks, plus some existing ones have changed, Enjoy
1.5 Added Brands Hatch Cameras
-Some new cameras on diferent tracks, ( i can't remeber )
-Added Reverb at barcelona ( pits and mainstraight )
-Added a camera for Nordschleife, endurance and Tourist layouts
-Added some start cams at Barcelona, Donington, Monza, Mugello.. can't remember if any more tracks... sry

** Note if you dont like the reverb you can open the audio sources ini file of that track and delete the text inside.**