McLaren Skins for Retro, Classic, V12, Reiza & Extreme

McLaren Skins for Retro, Classic, V12, Reiza & Extreme 1.0

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Here are five McLaren skins for all the Formula 1 cars in GSC Extreme.

I can't figure out to make the rear wing sponsor on the Formula Reiza model. I think I have to change the masfile, but here I am no expert, so for now it's a Reiza logo on the wing.

I hope you enjoy, if you are a McLaren fan, I think you will.

Just extract to game folder, and remember to back up your original files.
5 McLarens.49.png

Latest reviews

Amazing skins! Thumbs up!
thanks man, your skin is awesome
thanks a lot !!!
Thx man
Excellent work
Really nice work. Thank you :)
Your welcome.
Great collection! All of a sudden I'm a McLaren fan...
Yep, support K-Mag @ Australia ;)
Is this amazing or what? Yes. Yes it is! Thanks! :)

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