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McLaren-Renault (Mercedes Performance)

McLaren-Renault (Mercedes Performance) 5.1b

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Hey guys,
Thanks for checking this mod out. It changes the color scheme of the McLaren car, and makes it as fast as the Mercedes.

Things to know:
1. If you skip to the end of the session or fast forward, the AI in the McLaren will have Honda performance, but if you just stay in the garage they will have Mercedes performance. This is why I went with Mercedes performance over Reanault, because if you fast forward during qualifying for example and they don't make it into Q2, they will be able to make places back in the race.
2. It does save career.
4. This version works with the latest version of the game which as of 12 December 2017 is 1.11. There's no reason not to update to it in case you haven't yet and if you can't it means you're using a pirated version.
5. Thanks to @KHarozIN for letting me modify his Alonso and Vandoorne numbers from his McLaren mod!
6. You can play Time Trial but your times won't be saved to the global leaderboard.
7. This mod changes the name of the McLaren team to McLaren-Renault, but it also changes Red Bull to Aston Martin Red Bull and Williams Racing to Williams Martini Racing, therefore I suggest you also install my Williams Martini mod and @Zarresz Aston Martin Red Bull mod.
8. The numbers of Alonso and Vandoorne are red and they have their names on the Sharkfin. Your number will be white and your name won't be on the sharkfin (see the pics), however you can modify it yourself or send me a PM with your initials, your country and your number and I'll do it for you when I have time.

-Changed color scheme
-Replaced all Honda logos with Renault on the car itself
-Changed the icon on the car selection skin
-Changed the name of the team, as well as Williams and Red bull (see above)
-Changed the icons in the leaderboards in Career mode.
-Alonso and Vandoorne numbers
-Mercedes performance (only when you don't fast forward the time and you don't skip to the end of the session)

Future plans:
-Add any new sponsors McLaren might get in real life
-Change the driver hats

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Latest updates

  1. Added performance file

    Added the performance file aswell (forgot to do it 2 minutes ago)
  2. Added files for manual mclaren.erp installation

    Added files for manual mclaren.erp installation
  3. 5.1

    Replaced more career mode icons
  4. Driver suits and chrome decals

    I've updated the driver suits and helmets and the decals are now Chrome. If some don't like it...
  5. Shiny

    The grey paint is now shiny!

Latest reviews

nice mod,maybe too much glitters... annyway my game crash with your mod.
Nice work! How did you change the team select pictures?
Absolutely incredible. Thank You
You're welcome.
Friend, sorry for English, but I'm using google translator.
What I meant, was to put all the changes in files for us to import by EGO ERP ... Thank you.
nice work, but could you do this mod with renault performance?
yeah, i'll do it later
this mod is execelen but,where i am search the racecrew in the f1 2017 folder?
did you read the readme?
Best mod in this game yet bro do you know how to fix the performance when skipping practice or the race
Thanks man.
No one has found out about that yet, I'm not even fully sure it's possible :(
Perfect, friend can you put the texture files of the car, to import by ERP even with the suits and helmets?
you mean take the textures out of the erp and include them standalone in the archive?
Thanks for the review
Can you install this skin without the performance part?
Save your old mclaren.vtf and put it in the modded .erp
Excellent, but you could put a version with ERP files please, you only have copy and paste option.
Thanks for the review.
You mean only the textures?
ThiagoPotter said that you can put red instead of black and you will get another car version
agora, coloca o vermelho no lugar do preto, assim terá mais outro tipo de versão
Umm... thanks for the review but I have no idea what you're saying...
grey looks a bit odd to me idk why but its still cool