McLaren P1 Blue Flames and some Sparks 0.9

Flame mod inspired by a real life exhaust video of the P1 and the previous mod of Vampire

  1. Marcel Pfister
    Flame1.jpg Flame2.jpg Flame3.jpg Flame4.jpg

    The flame mod from vampire was amazing, but i watched an exhaust video of the P1 and recognized some more different flames with a bit red and sparks. Also i found out that there is the possibility to use more different flame textures than only 2 that are used normaly. Sadly Assetto Corsa doesn´t represent the flames under load when accelerating but it looks awesome anyway.

    Flame Mod

    Real Life Footage

Recent Reviews

  1. briklebritt
    Version: 0.9
    Please update it to the new flames system
  2. Vindekar
    Version: 0.9
    Interesting idea quite well executed. With the way AC handles exhaust flame, this seems about as good as can be done.
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