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McLaren MP4-30 2.0 (Malaysia)

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  • Added a "black" mirror version which was my best attempt at the recent addition to the MP4-30 as my photoshop trial had ran out :mad: and had to use ingame & gimp to do my best
  • Added Mobil1 Pegasus Logo on Rear wing.
  • Swapped Segafredo Logo with Hilton based on Malaysia.
  • Added Boncafe Logo.
  • Added Johnnie Walker logo on seating area as seen at Malaysia (couldn't add the text as it'd be too pixely)
  • Removed Johnnie Walker from Wing Mirrors as Malaysia.
  • Cleaned up various sponsors.
  • Added High Voltage & N on nose
  • Replaced Powered by Honda with just Honda
Updated Pictures:

IRL Pictures: