McLaren MP4/2C

McLaren MP4/2C 1.0

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1986 McLaren MP4/2C. Alain Prost as the driver.

Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_23-7-2014-20-49-54.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_23-7-2014-20-51-20.jpg Screenshot_lotus_98t_imola_23-7-2014-20-52-4.jpg
Raphael Kionka
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  1. Final

    So, here is the final. - Painted some parts - Painted the rims black, but on some lighting they...

Latest reviews

mora cars 86 please... I wanna very much the willians from Nelson Piquet.... Amazing Work
Added to cart :-)
4K Thanks !!!
Thank you again with your update, it's much appreciated ! ;-)
Thanks. Cool HD.
Wonderful update
nice cars
Looks very nice.. try to get hi-res logos for a 4K version.
Raphael Kionka
4K Version will be avaible in the next days :)
Awesome shots!
Lol, just turned on my pc, ready to skin this livery and... great job! Yeah, let's do the complete 1985 season skins guys!
Amazing, tremendous job !
Fantastic, love it!!!
Very nice, respect to all you guys for these mods, thank you very much.
Awesome great work, thanks
Outstanding skin for an awesome car, pretty close to the real thing too (within the limits) but there are things like the logo on the windscreen that needs to be added but i'm not sure you can do it atm. But it's really good anyways! :D
Raphael Kionka
Yeah, the TAG Heuer Logo, right? Problem is, there is no stock template of this car. I need a template for the wheels (on the McLaren the Rims are black), and a good template for the carbon parts.

If there will be templates for the Windscreen, Wheels etc. I will do it.