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McLaren MP4-23 '08 MyTeam (Ultimate-Pack)

McLaren MP4-23 '08 MyTeam (Ultimate-Pack) 2.2

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Presentation mod.jpg

- NAME MOD: "MyTeam McLaren MP4-23 (Ultimate-Pack) 2.1"

- BEFORE STARTING: If you have any problems installing the mod or discover some bugs, please use the "discussions" section before voting me down, this mod is in the works and will receive more updates in the future, let's be honest.




- DATE: "This mod is inspirated in the MP4-23, the McLaren-Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton in 2008, the mod have HQ logos, also are incluided all the accesories in version 2.1 (Hamilton Helmet is incluided in this pack, Alonso Helmet optional).

- FEATURES: If you like Lewis Hamilton and retro at the same time, this is your ideal skin. Made with great care and love. This skin includes: Helmet, driver suit, cap, gloves and boots, a real treat for you players. Also have a lot of elements like pit stop, pit crew, office remodeled and more. Let's play!




-> Uncrompress the file mod. 'copy and paste method'. Select Hamilton driver and copy the 4 folders into your Game Directory, if you want Fernando Alonso version, first install the Hamilton option and later copy and rewrite the 4 folders of Alonso option in the Game directory too. Done!

Example with Alonso (Option) (Remember Install First Hamilton and later Alonso if you want Alonso helmet)


What differences between the version of hamilton and alonso? Alonso will mainly have his kimoa helmet with a black visor with blue gloves also has 1 pit stop personalizated with the Spain flag in the pit stop, while Hamilton will wear his 2008 helmet with a multicolored visor and red gloves and 1 pit stop personalizated with the Britain flag.

Alonso Option (See below)
7. UPDATE 1.0.2 alonso (option 2).png

Hamilton Option (See below)
8. UPDATE 1.0.2 Hamilton (option 1).jpg

-> Note/important: Look the folders to read the files select the 70 number in your my team mode for delete the number and see correctly the mod, also select your "helmet & gloves" in your character menu.

-> By default the root of your game is like this -> C/Program files/steam/steamapps/common/f1 2020. Done! Enjoy your mclaren of 2008 :)

- IMPORTANT FOR HAVE REALISM: If you want the maximum realism select the Mercedes engine at the beginning. But before, when you edit your character select the number '70' for delete the texture of the real number car and see the real design. Remember that! You can enjoy your myteam mode with your McLaren-Mercedes inspired in the livery of 2008.

unknown (30).png

Select correctly the colours for the emblem.


- Hq car livery of 2008 McLaren
- Real Helmet of Lewis, 2008
- Red Vodafone cap
- Mercedes-Reebok gloves.
- White boots, puma.
- Emblem of McLaren
- Skin of Simulator incluided


- We study to improve this mod in the future, be patient please.


1. SCREENSHOT 001.jpg

2. SCREENSHOT 002.jpg

3. SCREENSHOT 003.jpg

4. SCREENSHOT 004.jpg

6. SCREENSHOT 006.jpg


- DONATIONS & SUPPORT ME: If you want to support me with my job, I stream in twitch every day: www.twitch.tv/torrentegg


Please don't reupload or use my mod in other website without my permission. If you want to record some gameplay with my mod, Remember always to put my link of the mod (It's not necessary, but for be honest you support me with my job). I want to watch you in some place :)

Thank you guys. Have a nice day! :thumbsup:
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    5. SCREENSHOT 005.jpg
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Latest reviews

It keeps crashing me out every time i load my team. Im pretty sure i did everything correctly can you help me?
very nice but my my team full crash what i doing for not crash
Theres a bug the Multiplayer Ranked ist bugging. Theres an error with de data.
Double R
Double R
Mods can't be used in multiplayer session, that is normal.
there is a bug when you have this mod
it shows no delta during time trial thats annoying
but great livery and crew design love it
AMAZING! Congratulations on the mod, it works perfectly. Only suggestion would be to remove the number completely (if possible), bc your teammate will use his number, regardless of you selecting 70 or not. Best,
Only on the front nose the number is right on the Vodafone letters
Double R
Double R
Select number 70 on your character creation and will fix your problem
the car is cool,but the game crash to desktop with mod installed
Double R
Double R
Do you follow all the steps? Works perfectly for me, I need more details where appears that problem
Thats an amazing mod Double R thank you! Can you maby make one with Force India ? that would be a dream mod of mine :)
looks amazing!!
De locos!! Ojala consigas sustituir el MCL 35 por esta livery. Felicidades por el trabajazo que has echo!! Un saludo!!
really good job, a lot of details, easy install, i would like a mclaren mp4/20 :)
Can you add livery for Simulator level 3?
Can i use for the real mclaren?
Double R
Double R
Sorry but it's not possible because the McLaren has another chasis and has limited the zone of design for this reason it's imposible at the moment
Just brilliant, works 1st time everytime, I'm using it for my Season 3 Career mode, Season 2 was Repsol Racing, Your work is just perfect, and looks great in game too, Easy copy and paste setup. Thanks :D
Double R
Double R
Thanks you so much for your support :)
it's amazing, i love it. it's possible to use the shape of Mercedes with this livery?
Double R
Double R
Thank you! and nah, It's impossible due to the "limitations" about the texture of the Mercedes
fcking amazing!
DAMN dude...the mod its awesome
Keep up the great work
Great job friend, can you also make the files available for installation by ERP?
Amazing Update!
i love the livery and alt helmets but those gloves are awesome
Double R
Double R
Thank you so much! I will try to give the next update as soon as possible with a lot of features.
Double R
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