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McLaren MP4-13 1.0

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Virtua Simulazioni is proudly releasing the McLaren MP4-13. The car is reproduced accurately, with fine details allowing you to have a perfect immersive experience.

It includes both of the authentic liveries used during the F1 1998 season, driven by Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard, along with the orange liveries used during the preseason tests. Additional content also includes a special historic McLaren’s livery, with slick tyres, and an official Virtua Simulazioni skin.

Drop content folder into your main Assetto Corsa installation normally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

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Support is provided in the support thread, click the red button under the download link and we'll help you out with all your questions you may have.

Below you can leave a review and let us know what you think of the car.

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Latest reviews

I would love to be able to play F1 Challenge through AC. Maybe 96-06 :) that would be amazing :)
That V10 sounds amazing.
Amazing car
i love mclaren, and i love this car, very good job
The mod in its current state is nothing short of unusable... that is, unless you download the updated physics and the newly released sound update. The modding community has made this mod usable once again, even in the latest version of Assetto Corsa. It's still a twitchy car, but it's actually drivable now. Those of you who want to get a proper experience with this mod should get the physics and sound update. The physics update is by ears and the sound is by cj386. While you don't need the second part, it really makes it sound a lot better (because it's the sound that came with this mod, but updated to work with the latest version of AC).
Please, give us an update about the external sound and the tyres ! There is the same problem on the F300 and the F1 Concept :'(
please fix this mod
super nice, relly, can we have a skins for this car of all of f1 of this year ? please ;) thanks verry much
One of my favourite ever F1 cars...but needs an update..Are the team broken up..? Please guys make it on the sounds and tyres..
thank you bud
Must have mods ! Thanks great job.
I just tested this car, even if I downloaded it a while ago !
Great model, great physics, the sounds onboard are really awesome and very well done but... will it possible to fix the external sounds !?
Thank you so much for this mod ! <3
Super mod having a blast ..many thanks
good but please fix the external sound
One of the best mods out there. But we need a sound fix for the exterior camera.
Still loving this one :) will it get an special tweak by you guys? :D
best regards
wil there ever be a update to the v10 tyres??