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McLaren MCL32 | 3 skins | Formula Hybrid R1

McLaren MCL32

  1. updated to the Melboune version

    Cheers, as the GP of Australia is behind us, I wanted to updated the mod to the latest changes:

    Added "Innovation is GREAT" sticker:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 03.52 PM.PNG
    Changes rearwing: "Chandon" to "McLaren" and added "Chandon" on the fin:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 04.06 PM.PNG
    Vandoornes camera now Yellow in R0 and R1 version:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 04.31 PM 001.PNG
    Outside of the front wing now orange:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 04.31 PM.PNG

    From now on, each updates are names R1, R2... for the Races (Preseason = R0, Melbourne = R1, China = R2 and so on. Also the filenames end with R1, R2...
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