[McLaren M23] F1 GOATS Part 2 v1.0

McLaren M23 Skin set featuring 5 of the greatest drivers of all time

  1. Evelekin
    This mod requires the Yardley McLaren M23 mod from OMV to work

    F1 Greatest of All Time Part 2 v1.0


    Here are 5 Fantasy skins sets for the McLaren M23 featuring some of the goats of F1
    This version includes
    -Juan Manual Fangio custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits
    -Stirling Moss custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits
    -Aryton Senna custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits
    -Alian Prost custom car, tires,helmet, suit, gloves, pits
    -Lewis Hamilton custom car, tires,helmet, pits

    This is the companion mod to my Ferrari 312t skin set

    Credit to Rickne for his F1 Legends Face pack.
    Credit to chargingcar for his SimTex-TireFactory-Megapack.
    Credit to Tomek Mielec for his Lewis Hamilton Suit and Gloves
    Thanks to TTM for all the useful templates
    Extra thanks to OMV for the great McLaren M23

    Know issues: These are my first attempt at skinning. I basically used these to teach myself, so there are bound to be issues. All skins are low resolution, sorry my computer isn't the best and I like to use these with the AI. Number plates are wrong, I have them using numbers based on where I think they rank on the all time list.

    Thanks for downloading!
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