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McLaren M23 and M23-5 by OMV 2.0

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i absolutely love this car,really fun to drive.....
i have a question :this car,in reality has an h shifter or a sequential shifter?....
it would probably suond as a stupid question to your ears but i took a look on the animation of the shifter knob and it only moves up an down like it's a sequential,but in game i can only use the h shifter,not the sequential.....
i think this car in reality had an h shifter and it's only an animation problem,but you know...curiosity,just to be sure....
thanks in advance for any reply and sorry for my poor english
animation AssettoCorsa:-)
è l'animazione di Assetto Corsa non possiamo farci nulla :-)
Awesome work, guys! Stunning car! :D
Very good car. Thank You.
Great model and great on triple screen around Brands :)
Superb work on this car, thank you!
First class in every way
Thanks - Merry X-Mas :)
REally great mod.
But, I'd like to add that the steering feels a bit too light. With such wide rear tires, I thought it would take more physical effort with the steering wheel. Still, very enjoyable.
Another nice Xmas gift! Thank you :)
So much fun.
your first upload and... what a way to start! :D

This is a Great Christmas Gift! Thanks so much..............................=)
All the stars on the Christmas night sky for this one :-)
Superb, love it. Time for some Hunt vs Lauda I think
Wow. This Car is fantastic. I love the old stuff anyway but this is the best Christmas present I have had so far. This car feels tight to me with precise predictable handling and gives you confidence to really push it. Beautiful to look at too I love it. Thanks to your very talented team for making my Christmas.
Fantastic job , thanks guys !
Fantastic mod. Thanks!
Santa has been early. Wow thanks this car is fantastic.
well this is a pleasent and AWESOME surprise.