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McLaren M23 and M23-5 by OMV 2.0

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Does not work with 1.2, car is not loading it hangs there forever :-(
does not work on version 1.1.6 of Assetto corsa
Absolutely astonishing! Brilliant work guys very well done!
guys need some help... have downloaded this and done exactly as with every other car but when loading this car online i get acs.exe has stopped working. It's def this car thats causing the problem and I wonder if someone can help me get this sorted!? Not doing anything any different so pretty annoying??? thanks :)
Thank you - I'm in love with this car/mod! :) Too bad thanks to idiotic 1-star vote by 'norbs' normally a 5-star mod has only 4,5. I guess that's his way to say "thank you".
Stellar mod. Top Notch. Part of me says it's better than the Ferrari 312T. It also seems much faster than the 312T. I would think they should run closer together. It's likely that changes to either cars' setup, track selection, etc could close the gap. I also haven't run both a ton, but that was my first observation. Awesome mod, but maybe too fast given it's likely competition.
EXE file. Stupid decision.
Ruddy amazing! A review for the developers to look at ^^
Absolutely amazing job, this is my favourite car by far. Utterly raw and uncompromising and is pure joy to drive as a result. It is also the best sounding in my opinion, very mechanical and angry. Love it. Thanks.
What a brilliant car. Sound, looks, feel - it is everything you want. Great job, want more from this era.
Great !
Please more like this for AC! I'm waiting for the Classic cars!!
Signed up just to comment on this and Snoopy's track. Lovely car - thank you !
Fantastic car! A hell of a lot of fun to drive!
thanks , my lovely car !
This is an EXCELLENT car overall, but I'm literally obsessed with the sound. Download this car. Now. Do it
Great ! Thanks !
Very good job, thank you ! Mmmmmm that sound!
Oh my god the sound is orgasmic!!! I wish I could master toe and heel...