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McLaren M23 and M23-5 by OMV 2.0

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mod_McLaren_M23 and M23-5 by OfficineMeccanicheVirtuali



Tuccillo Roberto – RaceMan – physics -

Pierotti Luca – Fangetto – physics -

Vivenzo Carmine – 3d graphic designer -

Cervone Davide – ElMariachi – sound -

Latest updates

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    mod McLaren M 23 M 23-5 by OfficineMeccanicheVirtuali CREDITS - TEAM MEMBERS - Tuccillo...
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Latest reviews

This is beautiful! Just wish the sound would be fixed :( It's missing the tyres sounds from any view. Can this please be fixed? pretty please?? :)) Thank you for this.
As stated, very cool car that sounds authentic and is very fun to drive. Also stated is the fact it's missing external sound from chase camera (only producing engine sound in cockpit or hoodcam) and one of the views is under the car/inside the track.. it's not pleasant and made me think I broke the game until I read here it's common. Hard to knock the modder less than 4 stars.. this car is iconic and the fact we even have it is awesome stuff. Really love this mod. Maybe someday it will get updated, would be dope!
Car is beautifull, drives and feels good. The only bad thing is that it's missing external sounds and one of the cameras seems to be glitched under the car. If that was fixed it would be a 5 star.
Its amazing. The car drives great and feels excellent. Cockpit View Sound is incredible.
Too bad there are no external sounds to the car, so you cant run races with it without thinking you are driving a tesla :D

I love this car for hotlapping on zandvoort, but running races is terrible due to missing third person sounds.
Awesome job, a true piece of art ! <3

If someone could make the external sounds work again, I will be joyful.
After a huge hardware crash, I did a fresh install of Assetto Corsa and I evaluate again some of my old and previous installed mods.

This one is a pure jewel, in internal sounds, physics, a huge pleasure to drive when you drove so many time in "Grand-Prix Legends"... for example. ;-)

I repeat, If someone could give me the "how to" initiate again the proper external sounds of this mod, I will be really happy ! ;-)

By the way, a huge thank to the italian "OMV" Team, afortunately, I think it gives up..! :-(((
Good god this is amazing! Sweet sweet handling, force feedback, just perfect... thank you!
Nice mod but needs updates. No external sound and camera problems. Also it would be good to have a behind view camera.
awesome dude
Beautiful handling. Perfect. Puts most KUNOS cars and their abrupt rear-end breakaway to shame. Thank you for what is clearly a devotion to simulating the feel of driving excellence. These cards are an absolute joy to drive. They also look spectacular and are even mesmerizing to watch with the TV cam in replays.

Driving is immersive, no doubt. During replays, never before have I had a sense of what must have felt like to be there in the seat of these very brief and unique iconic cars.

Very, very well done!
Brilliant mod
Amazing mod !
I've only driven the M23-5 thus far, but it's already my new favorite "70's F1" car in AC, excellent visibility from the cockpit, absolutely fun to drive, wonderful FFB, sounds great, very solid overall. However the first thing that caught my eye was the tachometer needle - it's glaringly 'rough' compared to the rest of the car, perhaps a different color or some more polish for it, then it'd be a 5/5.
Love the mod.
Could anybody compile the cars physics files into a data.acd file, so it at least makes it a bit harder to cheat during multiplayer?
this car is fabulous, very good feeling, as usual thank you very much.
This Car is ****ing awesome *__*
I haven't yet tried today's version, but I did try yesterday's, and I love it! It's one of my favorites.
Thank you thank you! This car was badly missing for months! I love you OMV!
Awesome mod! It looks good, it sounds good, and (most importantly) it's very fun to drive. I'm really not a fan of modern single seaters, but these old 70s F1 cars are just amazing.
Thank you very much for the update!
Best sim car I have driven

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