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Mclaren Honda MP4-30 on Mercedes Chassis 0.3

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Knight Rider
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  2. > Mclaren MP4-31 on Mercedes Chassis 2016

  3. 2016 Mclaren Honda CHANDON new sponsor

    Hi again. Here is the new 2016 McLaren Honda after the announcing partnership with Chandon. So i...
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    Hello everybody!!! First Special thanks to {{Antonio Gregori}}, it seems that we are working at...

Latest reviews

Wonderful livery! I'm driving this on my career mode!
Red bull on Mercedes chassis plzzz :D
Niice! Ferrari on Mercedes chassis plzzz *-*
otimo trabalho, Parabens.
Only one word is appropriate to describe your work: MASTERPIECE
Knight Rider
Knight Rider
thanks alot
Very good mod amazing car....good job
Knight Rider
Knight Rider
thank you
Brilliant work
Knight Rider
Knight Rider
thank you
It's great mod. I use your mod and there is sparks in the car when running. just like in the f1 2015. I use the original F1 2014 without any mod. can you tell me how to add the sparks for another car? what file should I edit? sorry for my bad english
Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Very long "Ryder CTF Editor" then use it to open " balanced folder and track folder " in each car folder. for ex. f1 2014/cars/mc2/balanced/fc2_abu_dhabi.ctf.. then scroll down and edit two lines "" ride_height_adjust_front"" and also "" ride_height_adjust_rear"" the original numbers are "0.015/0.025" u edit those numbers to" 0.01" that will make the cars closer to the ground. so u'll see the sparks.. good luck
very good work. it works with lesly mod