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McLaren Honda, Ferrari, Red Bull, Lotus 2015 fantasy livery 2014-12-29

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I found on the internet a picture about the new Mclaren-Honda skin. Can you make a Meclaren skine like this?
or this
are you doing the rest of the teams? because I would love to run a full fantasy 2015 season
I'm working on it ;)
Looks very good! That RedBull is a true beauty!
Like them except the lotus.
also wats with everyone wanting Brawn GP
love it!!! my favorite by far is the gold lotus.that thing looks sick as hell :) would you be interested in doing a brawn gp skin for mercedes?
Thanks! I have already tried brawn gp skin with mercedes but in the end it looked quite ugly so I gave up. Maybe a more skilled modder will succeed.