McLaren (Fantasy Livery) Mp4/4 1

with limitationbut something decent

  1. Christiceman
    (if car appear All white for some reason, go to the replay scroll over to the McLaren and the texture should pop in, it happens weirdly once every 10 races from what I tested)

    Me and a friend challenge each other in a friendly competition to do a Decal for any car. i took the McLaren and tried to base it off the Mp4/4
    It the best i could do, with limited programs and knowledge.
    We had 10 hours and with the limitation of codemasters fun decal system i manage to do something basic but couldnt fully remove odd stripes of red.
    Note this is the first time i try this, if you want to modify it and change it go nuts, paint and decal files are still in it.

    Enjoy! 20161224001833_1.jpg 20161224001847_1.jpg 20161224001842_1.jpg 20161224001837_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. MustartMatters
    Version: 1
    I love that you tried and did your best to make a skin that is very hard to make, unlike some others who just give up because "its too difficult"
    Merry Christmas mate, have a good one.
    1. Christiceman
      Author's Response
      thank alot. i am rather pleased with the outcome of it, hope other enjoy it too
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