Mclaren Fantasy Livery (1991 MP4-6) 2018-01-08

F1 Classic Car - Mclaren - Legend - History

  1. Guilherme F. Justti
    Hello guys!
    This is my new job here!

    This is an alternative version for the kri13jam Ver1.10

    In this version you can get some improvements like: SHOWA logo, new position for Marlboro's logos, best quality of logos, resizing and new position for some another logos.

    11 (12).jpg
    SHOWA logo on back, TAG Heuer colored logo like new cars (Red Bull).

    11 (11).jpg 11 (10).jpg 10 (3).jpg
    This skin are made considering Alonso and Button, if you need another drivers, let me know.

    I hope you like it. If you need any information I am at your disposal.

    Thanks in special for: kri13jam and Sean Bull.

    Sean Bull Design

    11 (14).jpg
    This version Design

    If you have some questions let me know.

    Best Regards.
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