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McLaren Career Cap McLaren Cap V1..3

McLaren Cap created for F1 2018 career mode

  1. McLaren Career Cap for Lando Norris 2019

    Hi Everyone

    I had a special request to upload Lando Norris McLaren 2019 cap.

    Please see the 2 Files in the Pack

    One cap will be for your own career & one for The In Game Driver Lando Norris.

    Please use according to your needs.
    Let me know if you experience any issues

    Enjoy :D Lando Norris Cap number 4 other side.png Lando Norris Cap number 4.png
  2. McLaren Career Cap Green and Black Edition

    Hi All

    I have also created these Black & Green Edition Driver caps for your Career mode.

    Please note these are In Game Driver (example Carlos Sainz & second driver caps) 20190612175156_2.jpg 20190612175201_2.jpg 20190612175204_1.jpg 20190612175207_1.jpg 20190612175210_1.jpg and not to be used as your own career driver's Cap as they have different patters. (This makes life a bit easier if one is running other mods, now you can make the...
  3. McLaren numbers 2 & 14added

    Hi all

    I added the last number on the caps for McLaren

    Numbers 2 & 14

    Enjoy :


    1. my_career_cap 14.png
    2. my_career_cap.png
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