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McLaren Career Cap McLaren Cap V1..3

McLaren Cap created for F1 2018 career mode

  1. stingingvortex
    Caps created for Career Mode, you may change the number to suit your needs :D

    Number 2
    Number 14
    Number 55

    For Manual installation, please use following instructions

    |F1 2018 \asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\incardriver\2018

    If you have any issues please let me know Enjoy :D Original.jpeg


    1. my_career_cap 1.png
    2. my_career_cap 2.png
    3. my_career_cap 3.png
    4. my_career_cap 14.png
    5. my_career_cap.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Jacabace
    Version: McLaren Cap V1..2
    can you make a lando norris cap also?
    1. stingingvortex
      Author's Response
      Sure, please see updated version 1..3
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