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McLaren Austria Livery

McLaren Austria Livery 1.01

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This mod adds the rainbow to the McLaren sidepod and some Velo sponsors as they appeared on the car in the Austrian Grand Prix.

Unfortunately it's not possible to add the Coca Cola sponsors to the car or the engine cover Velo, Darktrace and We Race As One logos. The rainbow on the halo is also impossible to add, but an official update to the game will likely add it later.

The mod features two install methods, paste installation and ERP Archiver Installation. If you are using ERP Archiver make sure to get version 7.0 (or newer) to be able to install F1 2020 mods. Let me know if there's any issues with the mod in the support thread, please do not tell me of problems in reviews!

If you wish to use this mod please do credit me as the mod creator and link to the mod.


Latest updates

  1. Fixed mipmaps on paste install

    Fixed mipmaps on paste install, added Estrelle Galicia to headrest.

Latest reviews

Great job the only annoying tn=hing is the mirrored velo logo on one of the sides
Hello mate thx for your nice job it's look amazing, but will you make an uptade for halo? and velo sponsor on the right side in the right direction will be fantastic =)
It's good but the Velo logo on the left side is mirrored. If you could update that to normal it would be greatly appreciated.
impossible to do
Hi I wanted to know if this Mod works for F1 2019 Salve volevo sapere se questa Mod funziona per F1 2019
Very well done as always,thanks
Noce touch!

Is the Velo logo mirrored?
Faster than Codemaster lol. Great work mate!!!
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9 MB
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4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

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