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McLaren 650s GT3 Attempto Racing 54/55 (Hello Kitty)

McLaren 650s GT3 Attempto Racing 54/55 (Hello Kitty) 2.0

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Hello All!!

I decided to make a skin for the 650S GT3 and i made a skin of Attempto Racing's 650s GT3 (Hello Kitty Car)

I hope you all will enjoy!



- Ryan_Lee: for the new Pirelli Tyres!

See you around!

PS: Leave a rate and like if you enjoy the skin ;)

Latest updates

  1. New Tyres, 55 Number logo is now white, more improvements

    New tyres, 55 logo is now white, window is new Credits: - Ryan_Lee for the new Pirelli tyres
  2. Added Blancpain Windows

    Sorry for so many updates, Blancpain window added
  3. Now Fixed Ambient Occolusion

    Thanks for reporting,

Latest reviews

Thank you, top work!
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Good skin ;)

@Ghanja there is no difference when ambiant occlusion is under or below.
when you look the skin file with all photo software you can see the difference. but ingame there is no difference. Tested with my personnal skin result with ambiant occlusion under or below still the same ingame...
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Really nice! Thank you
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The is a layer group called "ambient occlusion" within the template. See that you put your painting layers BELOW that layer. Your logos etc. don't have any shading at all ...
EDIT: Its fixed thanks for reporting
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You are my hero!!! :)
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Great job, thank you!
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File size
10.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 9 ratings

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