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Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 1.1

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PURE Mazda Miata Update v1.1
Please read carefully before posting issues.

Changelog v1.1:


- Suspension geometry corrections
- Fixed overall weight, unsprung weights
- Shock travel, Spring rates, ride height, ARB corrected
- Completely new tyres that match new version
- Aero reworked, drag value fixed, lift added to both front and rear
- FFB tweaked
- Steering ratio and lock changed to quicker rack to help with non-linearity issues
- Handbrake power reduced
- Missing code added to get rid of error messages in the logs

-some optimizations
-tan edition livery correction
PURE Mazda Miata Update v1.01 Changelog.
Please read carefully before posting issues.


-Completely Updated Soundbank for 1.1.6 (Remove Soundfix if you installed with v1.0 and restore original folder or Verify Game Cache)
-New exhaust sound (62_samples)
-New engine sound (62_samples)
-Fmod Dynamic 3D surround - Stereo mode (depending on camera pos.)
-New skid sounds (7_samples)
-New exhaust "pop's" (engine integrated system)
-New wind sound track
-Multiple Fmod optimizations (tweaks; automations ;overall volumes)


-Onboard exposure corrected
-Minor tweaks to reflections on the chassis.
-Dashboard gauge lights changed from red to green
-New 'tan edition' liveries added to the selection
-Number plate is customizable now (you can find the template file in 'mazda miata_templates_1.01.rar' for the number plate)
-Numerous minor optimizations (keep in mind that there are still no LODs, so might be a bit heavy at bigger tracks with many AI, LODs will come in a future update)
-Corrected exhaust flames position


-Corrected Steer lock to 1206
-Corrected Front Roll Centre
-Lowered autoshift RPM for downshifts
-Fixed bug where autoshift wouldn't correctly select 2nd gear when setting off
-Corrected Aero
-Adjusted setup to allow more toe F/R
-Adjusted setup to restrict camber to more realistic values for stock suspension F/R
-Blistering and Graining enabled for both tyre types (WIP)
-Pitstop repair and refueling control values added for MP
-Engine Damage enabled
-Increased default starting fuel to 24l (1/2 a tank).
-Fuel tank height raised