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Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 1.1

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The long awaited Pure Madza Miata Mod is finally here. We hope you all enjoy as much as we have in testing and again thanks for all the support. Updates and more versions to follow in the coming months

Template files for liveries/custom skins (rims included) here

Report bugs or detailed feedback at the link in the "Information tab" at the left side of this page.

Disclaimer: Distribution of this file and its contents is prohibited without the creators' consent. Modification of any content contained is prohibited without the creators' consent.

Gergely Kiss
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4.75 star(s) 72 ratings

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  1. mazda mx-5 1.1

    PURE Mazda Miata Update v1.1 Please read carefully before posting issues. Changelog v1.1...
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    The link was modified
  3. Pure-Mazda_Miata_Mod-Update-v1.01

    PURE Mazda Miata Update v1.01 Changelog. Please read carefully before posting issues. [SOUND]...

Latest reviews

Can someone fix it please ? :_( it's crashing when launching the game, after pressing Start Engine, it goes back to menu...
From the description it seems it used to be really good mod, but it's not working anymore (and not updated since 2015). Probably replaced by official Miata NA
Thank you for this mod! Great detail in every aspect. The body roll, the nose deep when braking hard, the lift off oversteer are spot on. It just feels a little slower if it's a 1.8L Miata. I currently owned a 1.6L that's why may be I can tell. But still epic. I hope you can make a tuned version of this great car. A naturally aspirated one!
it doesn't work on my assetto corsa.
v.1.93. just keeps going back to the menu. help me, plz.
Epic mod

shame it's broken
Its a really awesome mod and I really enjoyed it, BUT it doesnt work anymore. :( Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
grazie ragazzo :)
Along with the MX-5, this car that makes one wonder if Kunos made it themselves such is the quality of this mod. A great 'learners' car that would do well to be incorporated into the base sim.

Interior is A1, sounds are A1+, FFB is A1+ and the physics are very believable.
Having owned an NA Miata for the past two years, this one drives pretty much spot on to the real thing. I can't wait until the Spec Miata is released from you guys! Excellent work and keep it up!
Superb!!! Thank you! :)
Challenging despite the lack of speed..........spot on
Truly brilliant mod. Yes, it`s slow and laggy, but it is so very, very well done. Some of the best sounds in an AC car yet too ....and it has a pixar painal face. 6/5.

Very much looking forward to the spec miata :)
What is done up to now is excellent!, and I'm an owner of one of those :-) Just hope that more versions (like the 1.6 or racing ones) are added.
Beautiful work! Small tweaking could be done but it is very fine mod now.
Much better! Now, handling is perfect. Way to tighten things up and make it real. This thing is sweet. Visually, I would love it to have the old orange/red dials instead of the green and MPH speed indication.
Gergely Kiss
Gergely Kiss
S1 version will haev the red dials lightning, but we have to keep green for the stock version as this is what the original car have :)
Very high quality mod, inside and out. I only ran into 1 issue, and I think it's more of a game-wheel limitation rather than anything on the mod-side.
I had the same issue I did with the F40 and Yellowbird, where the cars have 900+ degrees of steering, and my G27 only has 900, and the game alters the steering rate of the in-game wheel, meaning if I put-in 90 degrees of steering, the in-game steering is doing more than 90 degrees, causing it to fall out of that 1:1 ratio.
Would be nice to see a '900 degrees' version, or just an optional file for G27/Logitech wheel users.
Gergely Kiss
Gergely Kiss
You can set a visual steering wheel limit in launcher/option, so set it to 450° so it will be 1:1 in your physicsal wheel. It's the same for ruf yellowbird and f40
This is fast turning into my favorite car in Assetto Corsa. With each update it makes the experience feel more real and enjoyable. Assetto Corsa needs to hire this team to make a Dream Pack!!
Having driven one for 8 years I find this a very good representation. Well done. I cannot wait for a tuned version (or RHD with Nardi/Momo wheel, lowered, 15"wheels, 150bhp+ turbo version, rollcage ect......) The MX5 MK1 championship is a blast to watch. Spot on.
Great mod, looking forward to the S1 version!
Excellent, V1.1 feels much improved.

Would love to see a NA version, with MPH in the speedo.

Keep up the good work!
I know there are thousand downloads, but the mine crashes at car loading after track loaded
Gergely Kiss
Gergely Kiss
Franklin, if you just simply extracted the file in you cars folder then that might be the problem.

I made a mistake with the folder hierarchy, so you have to make a mazda_miata folder manually in AC cars folder and put the files into it. I will update the link with a help of an admin soon so you don't have to do this in the future.

You can find the proper link at AC forum until we can update the link here. Apologies for the mistake.
Excellent- Excellent- Excellent is all I can say. This little car is A Lot More FUN than the one in iRacing by A lot, its C00L.... =)
Fantastic update. I liked first version already but felt the camber was out of range and this update addressed it. Requires even more finesse on turn in and the decreased camber range takes away some of the grip mid-corner compared to v1.0.0. Not necessarily a bad thing; because the fun factor lies in different phases of the corner compared to the pre-updated version.

keep up the great work.
Many thanks for this lovely car!
Absolutely awesome, and well worth the wait!

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