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Mazda MX-5 - Time Attack Turbo

Mazda MX-5 - Time Attack Turbo 1.01

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Mazda MX-5 Time Attack Turbo by Beavis Motorsport

This Asseto Corsa mod was developed based on the lap GPS data from the real world car.
Along with over 800kms of in game testing, A/C car data was created in comparison with real world lap GPS data to replicate the performance of the actual car. Weeks of 'amateur' 3D modelling, texture generation based on real photography, and geometry translation from the real vehicle to in game data. Total development exceeds 150 hours. In game lap times within ~1-2% of the real world.


Video of the car being driven in Assetto Corsa here:

One caveat, this is my first ever car created for a racing sim. I am not a professional game modder, 3D modeller, or software genius, so this mod is not perfect, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.


About the real car
The DIY home built Beavis Motorsport time attack Mazda MX-5 NB track car. This car became a record setter at a collection of Australian race tracks.
Vehicle Specs:
Engine - BP 1.8 Turbo
Turbo - Garrett GTX2860R
ECU - Megasquirt
LSD - Cusco
Brakes - AP Racing
Wheels - Advanti Storm S1 15x9
Roof - Lightyear Fastback
Wing - Lightyear Rear Wing
Find out more about the real car here: https://beavismotorsport.com/cars/NB/

The original 'OEM style' NB MX-5 mod comes with 100% credit to https://twitter.com/kilin_rc
All the design, modelling, textures to create this Time Attack mod was completed by me.

Thanks & Support
Should you wish to support me in any way as thanks for this mod, please:
Visit my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/bbeavis
SHOUT me a Tip: https://streamlabs.com/bbeavis/tip SUPPORT me on Patron: http://www.patreon.com/BEAVISmotorsport

Also, check out the skins created by zero here:

Latest updates

  1. Mazda MX-5 - Time Attack Turbo v1.01

    Updated to v1.01, packed data as requested.

Latest reviews

Overall Great Fun! just a touch unrefined, but seriously impessive mod
Love this car, Once you get to grips with the tyre bursting power it handles way better than you think. Its good in the lower power setting but when you switch this bad-boy to hyper, its hold on to your skirts girls coz this Little Mazda MX5 is going to blow them off. Highly recommend downloading a few Hill Climb Maps to get the best out of this car. However I would also recommend using a manual shifter in Hyper Mode as Auto gears keeps messing up 3rd gear and dropping back to second if yo0u floor it.
Great feeling... apart from a minor tweak i had to make on the feedback feel, i can share with you to see if it feels better.

Needs polishing but its a base that i would looooove to see it fully finished.

Liking this car so much that i fully sent around my favorite track and made a video about it! https://youtu.be/9NgQ_OS4CYY
Great, please shoot me a PM with your suggestions :-)
Fun to drive car, and an excellent first car mod! Putting liveries on it is a bit of a mixed bag, sadly (probably 75% of the reason I download cars for AC)... a number of panels are reversed or have mirrored UVs (so you can't put logos or words on the front quarter panel), and the fastback and windscreen look very different in game than expected.
Oh, I am sorry it isn't perfect, I certainly am new to this, Can you just mirror your skin image to make it appear correct in game?
AWESOME, Well done.
Thank you :-)
Excellent steering feel, very much like the real thing altough I drive the ND model without a turbo in real life. As arthur 666 already pointed out, you can feel that there´s a miata inside.
Thank you adsic.
Thx Roter.
sorry but the force feedback feels wierd and it does not handle good at all. but dont stop working on it. you can make it good.
Oh I'm sorry to hear that Sebastian, it is a shame you feel that it is only worth 1 star. :(
AS a NB owner i can appreciate this car more than anyone. Love it! Very fun to drive and it gives you "that" Miata feeling! The only issue is it's not 100% good looking, apart from this it's a masterpiece
Thank you, I am not the best at this texturing stuff so it does look a little bit off here and there..
no hand movment :( but good
I guess when I'm driving I never have the driver hands/wheel visible so it never bothered me.
Great job! Fun to drive. And saying this as someone who drives a Miata on track pretty often: It feels like a real car, and I can tell there's a Miata under there somewhere. :)
Thank you Arthur.
Love it. Fast and fun. I appreciate the hard work!
Thanks Martin :-)
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