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Mazda MX-5 Global Cup 2016 0.1

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An early version of the Global Cup MX5


The data files are all open, if anyone wants to help and improve physics feel free because I don't know much. There's a lack of reference data available at the moment due to the car not being released yet

Template is included too, if you make some cool skins I'll pack them with later versions of the mod (with permission and credits of course)

-physics are not correct because there is no reference data
-FPS performance with a full grid (car is 500k poly)
-no damage
-no dirt build up

3D Model by Tomasz Rozkosz - Squir

Latest reviews

very fun to drive but no ground effects eg. tyre marks on track / racing line is visible through the windscreen in 1st person
Pleaaaase update it!
I like it even more than the original Mazda Miata mod!
I'd like a working dashboard too. v(^o^)v
It is pretty good to drive but would be great if the FPS can be improved.

Thank you!
Good job! Keep working!
I'm impressed by the quality of this mod so far! Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to any improvements.
Why u not posting this in the official support forum and work with the community on the physics BEFORE releasing it here? Car mods are useless without proper physics.
Thanks for uploading this, i was so not going to pay aspec 12 dollars for a car, hopefully you can do it justice
it looks nice, then tried to get a field of 24 and saw the horror that was my fps. You win this round polys.
yep, I'm certainly going to try and optimise it a lot further in future releases

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