MAZDA MOTORSPORTS 2016 Livery for Lola B12/80 2.0

MZRacing IMSA Prototype LMP2 #55 #70 skin livery mod

  1. hossy 0saka
    Car: Lola B12/80
    Livery: MAZDA MOTORSPORTS 2016 (IMSA Prototype)
    Cat/Class: Endurance/Endurance GT Ultimate

    I made 2 versions, #55 & #70.

    MAZDA_IMSA_2016_1.jpg MAZDA_IMSA_2016_2.jpg MAZDA_IMSA_2016_3.jpg

    MAZDA_IMSA_2016_4.jpg MAZDA_IMSA_2016_5.jpg MAZDA_IMSA_2016_6.jpg

    Ryder25 (EGO PSSG Editor)
    Martin Wright (DXTBmp)
    Philip Heck (Empty Numbers Decal)

    I will not bear full responsibility for your using this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Marc Majnes
    Marc Majnes
    Version: 2.0
    well done !
    1. hossy 0saka
  2. Crivitz Chris
    Crivitz Chris
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome stuff! I was just thinking of doing this car, once I get a bit more time. Are you going to do the #70 as well?
    1. hossy 0saka
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I plan to make the #70.