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Mazda 787B New Sound

Mazda 787B New Sound 1.55

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Mind telling me why a soundpack is almost 500 freaking megabytes large?
Please how to install ...
It sounds amazing, but only 3 stars because no sound outside the car.
no Sounds more at outside
Excellent sound and improvement of level during braking. However , sometimes there is still a moment of silence during first gear using clutch and low revs.
Sound source is awesome making this car one of my favorites in AC.
help me not feel internal audio thing wrong
there is no sound after letting off at max rpm
Still no sound below 1800 rpm. Please fix it, i love this car.
Cool !
The brake sound makes this UNUSABLE.
It's PAINFUL to listen to, seriously...
Remove it completely or lower the volume to the minimum.
Massive improvement, i want to have it on loud but every time i brake my ear bleeds.. If u could put the volume down for brake it would be much better.
sounds awesome! Idle is the best...
really fantastic, thx a lot for you work. me too experimented the silence at the beginning moving the car, then ok.
may I also ask (but i think i is not easy to render) some litttle bit more rage in downshift and when you brake loosing speed some caugh-caugh as in the real tube video.
then fantastic, really
thx again
Please fix these three things and your mod will be great. Thx!

1. When in gear at very low RPM there is no sound.
2 At high rev full throttle the sound is fine, but if only half throttle or decelerating sound becomes very low volume.
3. Breakes are too loud, maybe because of point 2.
This sound is not bas but I prefer the original. The engine is too low compare to the brake sound when I brake. And I don't like the sound when I up gears.
Sounds realistic, when i see videos from that car
I've tried it now. I think the original sound is better in most aspects. It's not a bad sound mod, but it's not as diverce and detailed as the original. Especially off throttle it tapers off, and tone wise it's quite monotone compared to the original which almost sings a melody up the revs and gears. It is engaging though and still better than some of kunos original sounds.
Keep in mind that imo I am comparing this to the original sound of the car which for me is one of, if not the best sounds of any AC car yet released.
This soundmod is awesome but I really would like the brake-sound volume in cockpit-view to be a little lower. Other than that, fantastic sound mod.
Sound is update.Repraced brake-sound just like sample movie,
best mod let's go it's immersive