Max Verstappen 2016 New Helmet - Spa Onwards v1.0 FINAL

Verstappen 'NEW' Helmet 2016 - SPA Onwards

  1. mmpaw37
    MAX VERSTAPPEN 2016 (NEW) HELMET - Spa Onwards... By MMPAW44.

    Here you have the latest version of Max Verstappens 2016 Helmet. This version was introduced at the Belgian Grand Prix and subsequently will replace his previous versions for the rest of the season.

    This is my 1st helmet modification for Codemasters F1 2016; And i might add was the hardest i've created due to the current restrictions of F1 2016 Modding.

    There has been a lot of work put into this helmet; Such as the file of the helmet which was near impossible to work with to create the right reflection/s.
    The .S TGA/DDS texture when extracted is very complicating to save, however i think i've managed to create this helmet without ruining the reflections much.

    Also, it was necessary to modify this file regardless; If this texture remained default in nature, there would've been a 'Ghost-Like' image of the original texture of the helmet...

    Anyway, i think i've achieved this helmet to a very good standard considering the complications! ;)

    NOTE: AS ALWAYS!!!...Make the appropriate Backups of your original files - I will NOT be responsible for incorrect installation or errors

    with your game!.


    Located within the archive is a folder named 'F1 2016' - Simply place this in: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\
    When asked to overwrite the files, just click OK.

    That's it!

    ENJOY! ;)

    P.S. This Modification is my own work and not taken from any other source...


    1. MaxNEW1_1.jpg
    2. MaxNEW2.jpg
    3. MaxNEW3.jpg
    4. MaxNEW4.jpg
    5. MaxNEW5.jpg
    6. MaxNEW6.jpg
    7. MaxNEW7.jpg
    8. MaxNEW8.jpg
    9. 1.jpg
    10. 3.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. See0ne
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    very nice. better then the codemaster one
  2. EdonaF1
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    Looks awesome, good job!
  3. NightmareeCZ
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    Looks very good ingame, BUT .. if you have already custom helmet for your career mode, you'll have default one .. so this is pretty useless for me :(
  4. kohayashi
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    Very nice! Can you make 2016 Season Alonso Singapore version Helmet?
  5. fabiobandi
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    davvero molto bello e ben fatto. complimenti per il tuo lavoro
  6. reesmesjien
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    good job, I like it
  7. wrococa
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    superb. looks even better when he is a bit slower than Danny Ric.
  8. madotter
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    VERY good, thank you :)
    1. mmpaw37
      Author's Response
      Thanks for that ;) - was hoping for someone else to produce it, but i can do them myself...given the time!
  9. brianverstappen
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    Thanks it looks amazing !!!!
    1. mmpaw37
      Author's Response
      Thankyou! ENJOY! ;)
  10. Whisper_NL
    Version: v1.0 FINAL
    thnx u so much! so nice!!
    1. mmpaw37
      Author's Response
      No Problem m8!...Glad you like it!
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