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Max Biaggi 2004 - Bike, Suit , Visor (Camel) 1.1

motogp 17 mod

  1. Aaron Smythe
    MotoGP17 2017-06-23 15-15-16-58.jpg MotoGP17 2017-06-23 15-21-52-62.jpg MotoGP17 2017-06-23 15-16-15-56.jpg Max Biaggi 2004 - Bike, Suit , Visor (Camel)

    This Mod of Max Biaggi 2004 'realises' the Bike Stickers to the original real life RC211v (5 cylinder) Camel Team . Stickers on Bike modified , Suit stickers Modified , Titanium pipe modified and visor modified .

    Use filemixer / remixer to install into fourstrokes 'Mix' file .

    Enjoy !

Recent Reviews

  1. IAmTheLegendITA
    Version: 1.1
    Very good mod. Could you modify Danny Kent for Tarran Mackenzie and Axel Bassani for Augusto Fernandez?
    1. Aaron Smythe
      Author's Response
      Thanks . Probably not . I have other projects I am working on . I will be releasing more classic bikes and so forth ;-)