Maverick Motorsport Praga R1 #46 / #47 1.0

Praga R1 Maverick Motorsport

  1. VictorJornet
    Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_ks_barcelona_16-1-117-1-17-54 (1).jpg Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_macau_7-3-117-1-28-4 (1).jpg

    Praga R1 created by Maverick Motorsport team. This car took part on the Winter Season championship, winning 1 race and getting 3 pole positions.

    #46 - Navapower
    #47 - Victor Jornet

    You can download and use this skin, but please, don't modify it.

    In case you want to adapt this skin, please get in contact with me.
    Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_macau_7-3-117-1-25-58 (1).jpg Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_ks_barcelona_16-1-117-1-23-19 (1).jpg
    Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_ks_barcelona_16-1-117-1-17-54 (1).jpg Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_macau_7-3-117-1-28-4 (1).jpg Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_macau_7-3-117-1-25-58 (1).jpg Screenshot_ks_praga_r1_ks_barcelona_16-1-117-1-23-19 (1).jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. MarcioR
    Version: 1.0
  2. Old Geezer
    Old Geezer
    Version: 1.0
    KOOL!!! * Downloaded * Many THANX
  3. NavaPower
    Version: 1.0
    Vaya Currada de Skin!!
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