Match Maker & Create your own Sessions 1.1

Match Maker & Create your own Sessions

  1. Stefan Mizzi

    Once you install this Assetto Corsa theme, you will be able to:

    1. Create your own server! Just click on the game-pad icon, choose the cars and track, the time and you will have your server running! For now, it will be created with some default options, but we will open more options in the near future including password protection etc

    2. See what sessions are running in the list and subscribe to one by clicking on the steering wheel icon

    3. See who has subscribed by clicking on the helmet icon

    4. Join any server by clicking on the last red icon on the right

    5. You can of course join any server that has this icon, even if created by others

    1. You will need to create an account first at
    2. You will need to enable the Justrace Theme

    How it works:

    Match Maker found in menu when this theme is installed

    Create your own session

Recent Reviews

  1. Scarystuff
    Version: 1.1
    This is my second review of JustRace. My previous review I only gave 3 stars, but now that Stefan have fixed most of the bugs already, I am ready to give it 5 stars! The whole idea is excellent and very nice for people that don't already own their own server, but still want to make a race with friends. Just go in the app and set up a server with the track and cars that you want and your friends and other people can sign up for the race and join when it's time to start. All it needs now, is more people trying it out :)
  2. ian-wigan-gb
    Version: 1.1
    this program dont work if i make my own session it says checksum failed you have been kicked same when i try to join a sesion my game is upto date. i suggest you update your servers to latest version of ac otherwise this app isnt worth being on race department
    1. Stefan Mizzi
      Author's Response
      Like I said, we did update all cars and tracks last weekend. It would be helpful if you tells us what car and track so that we check it out.
  3. Mike Kadlcak
    Mike Kadlcak
    Version: 1.1
    Works perfectly. Awesome job guys!
  4. Tberg
    Version: 1.0
    Way to go guys :)
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