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Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" 1.0

Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" 1959

  1. Release 1.0

    First 1.0 release.

    • Added first lod, others still WIP.
    • Suspensions and tyres tweaked. Driving is smoother, less understeer on entering, softer feel overall. Little more drag.
    • Faster AI
    • Skins polishing ( thanks again @Andy-R and @luathas )
    • Some new textures, like chassis plate with real number per car, thanks to that crazy guy named @luathas
  2. 1.0 Limited

    Car reached maturity!
    Is a "limited" version, i still have to do LODS, my mouse broke, and going to little vacations but wanna share it before.

    - a lot of cool new historic skins, made by @Andy-R, and one by @luathas, who fixed and revamped the old ones.
    - some sound and physics fix
    - steering wheel in correct rotation position

    -skins came even in low-res 2K version for low end pcs, you will find in the LO_RES_skins folder, just rename...
  3. BETAb

    • Body remodelled after feedback, not perfect but i can't modify some things without rebuild it from start.
    • Physics tweaked a lot ( thanks to @mantasisg for feedback ) car now have less grip, is more understeery and generally slower.
    • New details, like engraved "Borrani" Spinner, thanks to @luathas
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