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Marussia MR03 season livery pack. (DHD&HD&SD) 1.0

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Marussia MR03

4 kinds of livery which they've used throughout the season (till Austin)
Done in 8192,4096,2048 as usual. Choose one depending on your like or on your computer specs. Remember the higher the resolution the higher the FPS consumption will be.

Replaced almost everything. Used the same kind of chess-like carbon which I've used for my Ferrari as well. Ultra high quality logos, reworked lines, stripes and also ultra sharp screws, nuts. Carbon rivet (credit goes to ML2166)
Also I would like to say my thanks to Wilmer Chavez for his excellent templates , biggest thanks goes to
@NobbyMilo for the majority of the logos (thank you mate :thumbsup:)
really appreciate all of their works.

I do not own the game so I haven't even tested it in game yet . If you encounter any issue just tell and I will try to fix it.I've replaced the material file of the car with the ferrari's because I've seen on the internet that the car's color in-game is really off from the reality so I thought the Ferrari's material should solve it because the Ferrari's red color is almost the same and it looks more lively. But if you're not satisfied with it , then try swapping the materials file from other cars and see which one works the best for you.

Have fun with this car :cool:
This is my last work for a while , will take a little break .(Studies, personal life).
Some pictures :
Melbourne-Monaco livery (except China):

China livery:

Canada-RedbullRing livery:

Silverstone-Socchi livery :
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Thank you =)
OMG. Thank you so much. Finally! 5 stars and eternal gratitude. :)
I think I'll update my cam mods, in honour of this beauty.
As I'm concerned... we're complete now. We have complete grid now I mean.
Yep we do. And I'm really glad to see that you are satisfied. More will come soon , but first I will take a little break (a month or a half month)
Excellent job!
Thank you!
Very nice! Thank you!
u don't own the game and doing this for us. double thumbs up for that! triple thumbs up, because finally somebody did the marussia (: good luck for ur future and private stuff!
Thank you, means a lot
excellent work bro......mclaren is impossibile!!!!!
I know. It's an unfortunate.
Very good work. Now we got a full 2014 set in HD/DHD. Thanks to everyone who worked on it. :)
Well yeah now hopefully everyone's satisfied :).
Would budget cut my team to this.
Really REALLY usual!!! Keep up the excellent work, the McLaren could really do with a w1n1x make-over :)
Pebz already did a good one, no need for mine , also the mclaren has high restrictions as I've heard so I doubt I will try to do it. Pebz said that the black paint of the car is impossible to do thanks to CM.
BTW thanks for your review.
very good bro!
if only i can submit more than 5 stars..
If only I can have a drink with you for real and hug you for your kindness bro :D