Martin´s car skins 1

Download my car skins so racing will be more fun!

  1. Martin Samohod
    My skins for racing:

    1.-Gitanes lister storm. filenr=18043

    2.-Carbon creations lister storm. filenr=23310

    3.-BMW CSL John player special filenr=34710

    4.-BMW E30 Castrol:

    5.-Lamborghini Murcielago Martini Alboreto filenr=23993

    STP Racing: filenr=20801
    Juventus Racing: filenr=14960

    7.-Peugeot 407 Mobil Team USA filenr=24143

    8.-Seat extremme:
    -Martini: filenr=20141
    -Falken: filenr=14916
    -Marlboro Senna tribute) filenr=16962
    -Agip: filenr=22682

    9.-Ferrari F430:
    -Marlboro: filenr=19606
    -Martini: filenr=21122
    -Monster: filenr=26535
    -RedBull: filenr=30778
    -Repsol: filenr=27883

    10.-Formula Race Room:
    -Marlboro team: filenr=31652
    -Monster Energy team: filenr=31651
    -Benetton Ford B192 Camel: filenr=40653
    -Camel Lotus Honda Racing: filenr=39329

    11.-Ford Matech Monster:

    Have fun and see ya racing soon! [​IMG]
    Mazda RX-7-Dibós-Sta.Rosa.jpg
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