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Marlboro McLaren Lotus Exos 125 S1 1.0

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Just a quick Marlboro based theme on the Exos S1.

It is not designed to be an exact match, but more of a reference to times gone by.


Released primarily as I have been asked for it. It is the first version, I didn't spend too much time on it, and I will endeavour to improve it as and when I get a little spare time.

Driver suit and helmet are included, along with some very basic Goodyear tyres.

The download file contains the three different sizes it has be made in (car textures). 8192 or 4096 or 2048.

Enjoy it if you use it.

Thank you.





Latest reviews

Good livery, thanks. =]
Very good !!
Very good!
Brilliant work. Senna!
cheers man awesome skin tyvm
Just Great!!! :-D
Simply perfect... thanks for this skin dude!! ;)
My idol, thanks
Very good skin! Thank you!
Very good skin and quality 8192 :)
I'm a huge SENNA fan !!!
Thanks again
Looks great :)
Top work once again mate, many thx
Excellent release, also the tyres are very well done!
Excellent work , thanks
Looks great! ;)
wow. Excellent ! thanks.
nice :)