Manor Racing Team Updated Skin V2.0 2.0

Manor Racing Team skin + garage

  1. Ander Gomez
    Hi guys
    This is my second mod for F1 I hope you like it, it took me quite making it. THANKS FOR DOWNLOAD.

    These mod contains: Manor car skin in red bull chasis, Manor MRT05 Steering Wheel...

    Other links:

    • Especial thank to NeffO76 for tracks effect, textures...
    • Thank to ClimaxF1 for her car textures and Steering Wheels.
    • And for car tyres thanks to
      Dmitry Sorokin

    Manor Gloves by:

    Manor MRT05 Steering Wheel by:

    Other Manor F1 Team custom garage by:

    Clothing in Order mod:

    I's also compatible with the season mod:

    Kris for - 2016 Season Mod ->
    krsskos - 2016 Season Mod ->
    Theo Berrekeman - Max Verstappen | Red Bull Racing HD 4K... ->

    (I play with krsskos and Max Verstappen | Red Bull Racing HD 4K... season mod, because are very good modders)

    If there any problem you can contact with me.

    My first mod:

    Sorry for my English I'm Spanish xD ;);)


    1. camara7.png
    2. camara5.png
    3. camara3.png
    4. coche eb pantalla.png
    5. camara1.png
    6. camara2.png
    7. camara4.png
    8. camara6.png
    9. Sin título.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Theo Berrekeman
    Theo Berrekeman
    Version: 2.0
    Well done mate! And thank you for the mentioning :)
  2. lostrego_azul
    Version: 2.0
    Much much better now ;)
  3. Imanol_A11
    Version: 2.0
    Very good mod! You have did it better than in your first mod,keep working like that friend!
    1. Ander Gomez
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