Manor Racing MRT F1 Team 2021 Fantasy Livery

Manor Racing MRT F1 Team 2021 Fantasy Livery 1.01

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Video of Skin Mod with edited engine sound

What if Manor Racing MRT returned to F1 in 2021 to replace Haas if they could not improve? I am new to modding F1 games so I hope this skin mod is at a good standard for players.

Replaces Haas skin (or Renault as second option in mod update 1.01) and chassis with FOM car (the FOM chassis allows me to design more detailed liveries). The main logo on the side of the car is more reflective than the base paint,
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Latest updates

  1. Replace Renault Team Option added

    Added a Renault replacement option requested by CzarNy123. These are in a second folder in 'copy...

Latest reviews

The skin is supercool, it's got a bit more design comparing to the real-life manor livery in 2016.
I'm wondering if it is possible for you to make this livery for the myteam car in F1 2020 so it can be used in career(if you're busy or don't feel like doing this it's perfectly ok for you to ignore my request)
Hi, sorry for late response. Unfortunately, some one has already beaten me to it and it looks almost exactly like the 2016 livery. I used a multiplayer livery as a base for this because I wanted to make something different, thanks for the review!
You can change the name of the team? Because i still see Haas
I don't believe that's possible unfortunately as there missing lang files to change names from what I hear so they cannot be modified.
Nice! Can you do it replacing Racing Point?
I really love this mod. Could you do Martini Williams in the future ??
Could you do version replacing renault ??
I am about to upload a update (1.01) thats contains renault replacement option instead and I imported numbers 3 and 27 for the drivers, I also replaced the ferrari side badges with renault badges for obvious reasons :)