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Manor Marussia 2015 1.2

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Hi Guys
Here's my 2015 Manor Marussia, for those who might still have the team in the game line up.
few things to note the cars come with last years drivers skid lids, as it was the only versions I had..
there are extra logos on the car just an extra manor logo and Marussia logos as otherwise the car looked pretty empty. its designed around the cars seen in the garage at the Australian GP.
and finally for some reason which as yet i haven't been able to explain, there is a black strip just in-front of the steering wheel on the car when viewed in the cockpit cams or the TV cams, it isn't in the cockpit cam in the replay but its not part of the skin itself so, but i as of yet haven't worked out why its there... if anyone has experienced this before or know the reason please feel free to send me a message and I can get it sorted....
And now some screens, enjoy :thumbsup:
Manor 1.jpg
Untitled 1.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Lack of car in menu fix

    Hi guys, hopefully this has fixed the lack of car on the menu screen, i have seem to done it...
  2. Manor 2015 update

    Hi guys so I have fixed the issue with the black strip infront of the driver thanks to some...

Latest reviews

The car is super, no black stripe, super mod, thank you very much. Just does not appear on the homepage. Perhaps the time.
Nice,Top Skin
Nice mod but the car is not displayed on the home screen of the game. Otherwise O.K.
I have the same issue but don't know if it's a database thing, as I have two versions on my PC and its displayed on my standard version just not my 2015 modded one
It looks fantastic, the reason why the black strip is there, is because the upper part of the side of the rear wing is mirrored on the nose. So if you paint that red, you should have no problems at all.
Cheers will get it sorted for an update...
That looks awesome!
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