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Mallala Motorsport Park 1.0

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EDIT: Until I can update a couple of other things with the track. Please update these 2 files.

Scratch made track of Mallala Motorsport Park, a 2.6 km (1.6 mile) bitumen motor racing circuit near the town of Mallala in South Australia, 55 km north of the state capital, Adelaide. More about the history of the track here:
This is my first attempt at making a track, and I must say the whole learning process was made a lot easier by reading some very helpful tutorials by members of the Assetto Corsa community:

NightEye - 3D grass, Camera-facing crowd, Racing line and skidmarks.
LilSki - photo quality road surface.
luchian - Build your first track.

My track has working start lights, AC_CREW, Pit Entry and Exit Lights (always green), Racing Groove, and Camera facing crowd (see if you can guess which one is me in the stands), Replay Cameras, hidden Drift area, and basic AI.

It took me quite a few months to get the track to a stage where I thought it would be okay to release. I know it isn't perfect but not bad for a beginner :)

I believe mods made by the community should be free, so that everyone can enjoy them. Having said that, I am trying to save money for a video card upgrade. At the moment I have a GTX 660, and like me, is getting a bit long in the tooth. Feel free to download the track without donating, but if you can spare it and you think the track worth it, donations are gratefully accepted :)

Just click below to donate. Thanks.

Latest reviews

Great effort.

I went to Malalla a lot when I was a kid, saw the 1961 Australian Grand Prix; one of the first SA dragster meets; lots of classic car and bike races though at the time they weren't classics but the latest!
Gday mate, glad I found my local track to download. I'd give 5 stars but the track isn't quite accurate. Keep up the good work mate :]
nice thank you
Love it !!!!!! Thank you for your hard work. Haven't had the time to go Mallala but really love to get our evo 6 and 9 out on there. Great practice for wife and I.
Glad you like it! cheers!
Thank You
Great fun track.
Made my favorites list.
Only issue (never heard on any other track) - CrewChief keeps saying "blue flag."
Any ideas?
Keep up the outstanding work.
sorry no ideas, doesn't happen to me
Really nice work! Had never driven this track before, but when it had loaded I instantly thought "this right here, is nice".

I think you can improve the surfaces a bit more (I have installed the surfaces from your edit as well), and some bumps feel a bit overdone, but that could be as it is in real life. Compared to Kunos tracks it also looks a bit dark. All of this forced me to drop one star, but if you get this right, it's very very very close to Kunos quality in my book!

Really nice to see a first mod this well done, love the smooth white lines on the corners as well :)
Thank SvenUilhoorn, Great feedback, I'm struggling with motivation to up date the track at the moment, but I will update... eventually :)
Mallala is my local track (it's 60km's away from where I live) and it's great to see it replicated in AC.

Spent many hours watching the Aussie Superbike Series, sports car racing & V8's before they moved to the modified F1 street course in the CBD of Adelaide. Got to witness the R32 GTR's dominate from trackside back in the day before Godzilla became the icon around the globe.

This is a really great representation of Mallala; the back straight kink is a little tighter from memory (I used to stand underneath the giant Mallala sign with my Dad right at the same spot).

A+ mod!
Cheers Travis, Just trying to get myself motivated so I can update it and get the height data right.
Love it! So close to home!
Cheers Schnity
This is a very good mod. There is not much scenery around the track but the graphics are quite nice nonetheless. The layout is simple but the good road feeling makes the track enjoyable. A good work overall.
Thanks AleDaRimini . Still working on the update. Hopefully it will be worth the wait :)
Thank you
Assetto Corsa - Flashcrow - Track Mod - Mallala Motorsport Park 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - Flashcrow - Track Mod - Mallala Motorsport Park 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Hi Deswribilator, Nice driving. A major update to improve track accuracy is coming soon. :)
Cheers LetsTestDrive! :)
Having driven there myself, I enjoyed the track. The layout is good. However it looks too green. It should be drier and browner, as you can see by watching onboard laps on Youtube.
Thanks Wally, I agree, it is much greener than it should be, but I would have to be a master of texturing to get it to look like this
Nicely done! For a first time track build you should be very proud of what you've accomplished. Of course, you have a little bit more work to do, but that's okay. Even as it is right now, I could definitely run on this thing for a couple of hours, no problem. Nice Easter Egg too... I was doing figure 8s around the cones. LOL
Cheers ALB123, I was wondering if anyone would venture down there and find that :)
The track seems nice but it was way too dark for me to really enjoy it. Hope this can be fixed as it would make a big difference I think.
Thanks for the comments cerebralvortex. I will be addressing the light issue and a few others with the update.
Didn't expect to see this in AC! Nice!
Cheers Makavelian, Hopefully it will be a bit better after I update it. :)
Excellent work Flash Crow. I've drove this old girl years ago. Very good representation.
Thanks Jamie McManus. Great that you think that, especially seeing as you have driven there. Much appreciated feedback.
Looks excellent in the video but unfortunately won't load for me.
Downloaded and reinstalled twice, I can select the track but after trying to load a field of cars it defaults back to the select screen.
All the required files appear to be there, any ideas?
All I can suggest is to try different cars...
Cheers Ned!
Nice creation, the layout is nice and the immersion very good, thank you very much !!!
Just before a turn (towards the end of the traverse) it is to indicate 100__50__50 instead of 150__100__50, small detail !! .
Thanks for the review antonn, I will definitely fix the 100_50_50 with an update

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