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Mainz Finthen

Mainz Finthen 1.1

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Mainz-Finthen 1989 for Race07
V1.1 Physics Update

Originaly made for rFactor by Com8.
Conversion by Neteye.

Please have a look at the original rF-Readme inside.
As there are no startlights on this track you have to use the ingame-startlight.

Surface like e.g. the concrete plates are now way better than before (as perfect as i can go with Race07), dusty parts are now more slippery.
Sectorgates massively widened: If you miss them now, you are either not in the race anymore or you really wanted to miss them :)

The bumpy concrete parts are due to technichal limitations in Evo (no tdf-files) not 100% like it's in rFactor.
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