Magione '32' 0.1

14 more grid spots @ Magione

  1. Stereo
    There's a reason Magione only lets 18 on track - the pit only has 18 garages. Nonetheless. In online races, the pits are collision-free anyway, and the track itself has enough grid space for 32 drivers to start a race. This mod makes that possible. As usual everyone involved needs to have it installed - it doesn't change the original track, just appears alongside it.


    The extra cars pit in the gaps in between the existing pits; if you have 18 or fewer cars, they just use the regular spots, but after that it fills in 14 of the gaps.

    Installation (how this works):
    Extract this to the track folder along side the original Magione folder. You should see

    You will need the base content of version 1.1 present in order to use this - it uses the new 'track layout' feature to reference the original track's archived data without having to modify it.

    Delete magione_32 from track folder.

    Known problems:
    The AI, unlike multiplayers, can run into you in the pits - so if you start a practice or qualifying session, there's a little chaos in the pits before everything gets sorted out.
    Due to all the chaos, large numbers of AI are very CPU heavy - I saw it rise to as much as 3 times the usual physics% for 32 cars, which is already close to the max my CPU can handle. For an actual race this shouldn't come up, for practice/qual against AI, you may struggle with loss of realtime in the first lap or so as the AI all exit the pits.
    Longer cars may actually spawn colliding, I did not test in detail. Like I said, it is a small pit lane.

    I welcome ideas for how to rearrange the pits so more cars can be accomodated. This was just the easiest way to get it testable & leave the pits in places that can be used while racing.

Recent Reviews

  1. Levan
    Version: 0.1
    bad 32 no worck
  2. cigan
    Version: 0.1
    pit-stops is not working
  3. Pavlo91
    Version: 0.1
    not working pit stop online
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