Mad Mike - Mazda Rx8 - BADBUL Gen 7 1.0

Assetto Corsa Mazda Rx8 MAD MIKE BADBUL Gen 7 2018 skin

  1. derick_pereira

    Screenshot_ag_mazda_rx8_madmike_dw_zmeinka_12-11-117-22-0-20.jpg Screenshot_ag_mazda_rx8_madmike_dw_zmeinka_12-11-117-22-2-49.jpg

    All the credits of this car mod goes to it's rightful owner. If any of you know who that is, please let me know so I can mention his name here.
    Mazda rx8 car link:

    Install: AssettoCorsa/ content/ cars/ ag_mazda_rx8_madmike/ skins

    Mad Mike mx5 RADBUL

    Mad Mike rx7 MADBUL

    Mad Mike rx7 MADBUL 2009

    Mad Mike rx8 Mazda BADBUL


    1. Screenshot_ag_mazda_rx8_madmike_redbull_drift_shifters_12-11-117-21-54-36.jpg
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