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Machwerk 1967 1.41

Machwerk 1967

  1. Dumeklemmer
    Machwerk 1967 Formula Trucks 2013 V1.4

    -XK- AKA KELLLAAA68 spend ~2 years in creating this milestone back in 2005.


    His GPL version is loaded with this much detail that even a simple conversion to the current SIMs
    took us quite a lot of working hours until the result became reasonable compared to the charming Original.

    This conversion is the result of constructive feedback and support of the community at Nogripracing.
    Many thanks to all the guys involved in this conversion.

    We’re offering the result of all our working hours to all of you free of charge but we ask for one single fee from your side:

    Pls. give a little respect to all these working hours all of us spend for free for your entertainment!
    This project is a “take it as it is, or leave it”-release, pls. see EULA for more detailed information.


    - KELLLAAA68 for the original GPL version and permission for the conversion.

    - Culmone67 for his fantastic textures

    - DucFreak for his "roads with lines"

    - Fred_As for his Skybox

    - Greybrad for reviewing the AIW again and again until it reaches the current level

    - GTI-Heizer for closing the remaining gaps in geometry

    - Luigi for the great TV-Cams

    - Mc_Wolf for the animated Marshals

    - RacerM for his nice Night Lights

    - All the guys, who gave detailed feedback all over the Beta Versions


    - full working Start-/Pitlights

    - new created AIW with 36 cars

    - flyinig starts

    - improved Textures

    - Nightlight

    - Shadows and moving Objects


    - very very very very very very very very long loading time, pls. have patience :)


    2013-11-04 V1.4:
    initial release for Formula Trucks 2013
    Included texture update Culmone67 V2.0

    2008-06-22 V1.3
    Included the skybox updates of Fred_As
    Included the update for "road with lines" by DucFreak
    Included GTL compliant Gridwalk
    Fixed several minor issues

    2008-06-03 V1.2
    Implemtented a invisble collision wall and removed In-/outfields from .HAT to
    improve loading time (at least a little bit)

    2008-03-08 V1.1
    - AIW V2.0 (by Greybrad)
    - fixed nightlight issues of some trackobjects (by RacerM)
    - included Night-Glows (by RacerM)

    2008-02-29 V1.0
    - inital release

    have a lot of fun with this nice historical track,




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    3. 03.jpg
    4. 02.jpg
    5. 01.jpg
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