M3 GT2 team Spirit 1.0

Inspired by F. Alonso F1

  1. maranello78

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  1. gamer19
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you for idea, though... the logo on roof looks really bad, so I couldn't resist and make my version. Then... :) naturaly, I start to edit some more and add a few more logos. Now it look much more realistic. I'll show you the differences. And keep file for myself, giving respect to your work.
    Heres your version:
    And mine:
    Hope you won't mind...
    And, maybe, we can make some project together. Who knows... :)
    1. maranello78
      Author's Response
      It´s true there are a lot of differences in logotypes, it was an old skin not very accurate, need to redone, sorry i think it´s not a great skin but it´s a great idea.
      You can count on me for future projects, thank you very much