Lurker 0.3

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What is lurker?
Just a very simple chat app, that allows you to view the chat without a) getting to the pit and b) relying on the really ugly 1-line python chat app.
Instead it tries to be a bit configurable and good readable without any distracting things like background - and like helicorsa it's invisible until needed. It fades out after the chat is inactive for a while.


Why no text input?
Because lurker would lose it's "lightweight" regarding gui appearance, and there already are some better chat apps.
And honestly the name wouldn't make any sense if you could write with that :)

What can be configured?
As a advanced user, have a look at the
  1. General size: guiZoomFactor
  2. Shown chat lines: visibleChatLines
  3. Timestamp: showTimestamp
  4. Shadow appearance: shadowOffset
  5. Color: fontColor
  6. Fadeout behaviour: fadeoutAfter, fadeoutTime and fadeoutOpacity
  7. Ignoring PLP entry messages: showPLPEntry

I want X, Y, Z
Unlikely, sorry. Most requests are either not possible inside the API or with the chosen design pattern.

Download the attached to this post. Extract/unzip the content to your assettocorsa directory, e.g. in Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa
The content will extract itself to app\python\lurker (for the app) and content\gui\icons (for the icons).
You can overwrite older version without problem.

Now start assetto corsa and enable the 'lurker' app in the settings/general.

Then join a multiplayer session. Once you sit in the cockpit, move the mouse to the right in order to show the app sidebar. Scroll down until you find the L-Symbol called "Lurker" and click it. You will notice a window will show up, drag it wherever you want to start out. You will notice the background will vanish after 5 seconds (you can still drag it). If you have problems to find it, just hide and re-show the app via the sidebar.
Hint: Doesn't work in Single Player.
The same installation procedure with some pictures is found in the helicorsa app in my signature.

Side note
Please enable any kind of chat when joining a multiplayer race. If you don't, at least watch the chat between sessions. I had to kick/ban people basically because we couldn't talk to them, although we could see they were not on a bad attitude, but trying to hard and therefore wrecking others.

Bugs, feedback, discussion
Please visit the post in the official AC forums if you don't want to wait a few weeks until I return here.
You may also find a concept preview for the corresponding hotkey app called courtesy.
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