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LS Lower Cockpit Cams 1.0

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"LS Lower Cockpit Cams" simply lowers the original cockpit cameras for all cars to a more accurate and realistic view compared to the default cameras. I also raised the looking angle of each "camera" by a very small amount to compensate for the change in height.

This mod contains no other changes to the cameras and has been made due to an enquiry from a fellow RD member "MARSALA", which I thank for the idea for this mod. I have kept this mod separate from my personally used mod "LS Cockpit Camera Mod" which has significantly more adjustments, that can be found here:

...however I have used the same camera height coordinate and angle (unique setting per car / team) in both mods.

I have taken images from the starting grid at Russia (Sochi) which show the original cockpit camera views as well as this mods camera views. As I haven't adjusted physics-based settings I'm not planning on making a video of this mod in action as the pictures provide an accurate enough demonstration.

Red Bull.gif
Force India.gif
Torro Rosso.gif

Note: The Caterhams camera has been adjusted too, but I can only add 10 images to this post hence why I haven't shown it!

Mod Installation:
Inside the "F1 2014 LS Lower Cockpit Cams v1.0.rar" file is a folder called "cars"- this folder needs to be copied into your F1 2014 main directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2014 if running 64bit Windows) which should already have a folder called "cars" present - overwrite the files when prompted. It's obviously a good idea to back up the original files first, but if you have lost the original files you can Verify Game Cache within Steam and it should restore the files.

Known Issues:

Codemasters (obviously)!
Ryder for the BXML Convertor.
MARSALA for suggesting this mods concept.

Last point to mention:
I've left the camera.xml files in their converted therefore easily readable changeable file format, just for the convenience for aspiring code tweakers.

I hope you enjoy this mod,

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Hello you could not move the cameras mode coop offline split screen Same as f1 2012? Congratulations On the mod .
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Hi and thanks for your comment. I've never played coop so don't know how it works, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's movement issues (similar to replay issues). Anyway, this mod is being updated (hopefully today) within my other mod "LS Cockpit Camera Mod"