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LS Cockpit Camera Mod v1.7

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"LS Cockpit Camera Mod" replaces F1 2014's cockpit camera locations / placements in order to get a more accurate, realistic, and entertaining view compared to the default cameras.

I have made these camera changes based on real life images and estimated dimensions orientated specifically to each cars nose & body height and shape, also using wing mirror variances, tyre / wheel and steering wheel placements, along with a relatively good dose of common sense.

I have also "livened up" the cameras by adding what I feel to be better dynamic camera changes that act accordingly to acceleration, braking, steering, gear changes, track bumpiness, wind, and slipstreaming effects - and as of update v1.21 to 1.41 you can chose which effects to have as "enhanced" and which to leave as original.

I have provided images of every car / team per mod version within the download so you can compare the options before installation, however the mod is best demonstrated while in motion (see below videos).

NEW in v1.7:

I've added support for the two F1 2016 season mods for F1 2014 that are currently on RaceDepartment (time of writing: 15/06/16) - the first by "krsskos" found here...

..and the second from "Kris" found here...

Both of these 2016 season mods change the car coordinates so my mod didn't work well with them, hence new camera placements and settings have been made to fix this issue. I've only provided one set of files per mod this time as this is a "mainstream" release with only a few changes from the original files being made. If you need to adjust your FOV settings simply open the cameras.xml file in a text editor, navigate to line 1066 and change the value to your desired setting (I've set a default value of 48 for all cars). If you don't know your correct FOV for your display and viewing distance then I recommend using the following calculator (using the Grid Autosport option)...

Both krsskos and Kris, plus anyone else making a 2016 season mod for F1 2014 may use the files within this v1.7 update within their / your own season mod - I just ask for credit to be given to myself, or a link can be used to send members to this mod page.

NEW in v1.6:

I've never been 100% happy with previous versions of this mod, so I made v1.6 as a final attempt to be satisfied with it, and to polish it just in case I can use this mods settings within F1 2015.

Here's the v1.6 trailer:

(Note: There are also plenty of images within the download so you can quickly view individual cars and all FOV options)

- The "camera" / eye placement has been adjusted based specifically from a photo I found of Nico Rosberg wearing his helmet with the visor up (eyes clearly visable). I used Photoshop to determine exactly where his eyes were in relation to the helmet and replotted the coordinates in the game so it should be pretty realistically placed.

- I've also refined a lot of movement and physics settings so that you actually feel that you're in a F1 car with realistic forces put upon the car and driver.

- Each car / driver has 7 FOV settings ranging between "59" and "41" with increments of 3 FOV at a time. The FOV you want depends on many factors such as size and aspect ratio of your display, or quantity of displays, and your viewing distance from your displays, and finally you're personal preference. I therefore can't state which FOV you should try / use, but I'd say that "59" for 16:9 displays and "47" for 21:9 displays will be a good place to start. I have also provided a "Master FOVs" option where each car has all 7 FOV variations within one camera file, so you can cycle through them in-game and play around until you've found your preference before copying the chosen singular FOV camera file(s) over.

NEW in v1.5:

- Added one new cockpit camera per team, which is based on v1.41 but now includes "improved" settings for FOV, placement, and dynamic effects. This version is made just for my personal use and preferences, but I've released it just in case anyone wants to use it. It's perhaps the most extreme version of the mod so check previous versions if it's too much for you.

NEW in v1.41:

- Includes a new cockpit camera position per car / team, made with a "mainstream" style using a realistic yet very playable view.

NEW in v1.3:

- More cameras / views with potentially even more realism!

NEW in v1.21:

- Each car now has 4 seating positions

- Each position has 3 FOV (Field of View) options.

- Each position has either original or modded "Head Physics" options which is basically rotation and height of head based directly on the cars movement (responses from steering, acceleration, and braking) and any other directional forces the cars naturally experience.

- Each position has either original or modded "Environment Effects" which is basically any head movement caused by track bumpiness along with vibration and wind effects.

If you have used a previous version of this mod then:

v1.0 cameras (used within the "F1 2014 LS Cockpit Camera Mod @ Russia (Sochi) " video above) are now Position 3, using the "Wide FOV - Enhanced Head Physics - Enhanced Environment Effects" variable.

v1.11 cameras are now Position 3, using the "Wide FOV - Original Head Physics - Original Environment Effects" variable.

v1.0 & v1.1:
These versions have been included within v1.21 which is therefore effectively this mods first main release.

Mod Installation:
Chose which version / release of this mod you'd like to use then inside the chosen version folder chose a further (self explanatory) mod option for head physics and environmental effects (if present). Within your selected option is a folder called "Mod Files" and within that folder is another called "cars" - this folder needs to be copied into your F1 2014 main directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2014 if running 64bit Windows) which should already have a folder called "cars" present - overwrite the files when prompted.

Combining camera mods together:
If you want to use my camera / view within another camera mod then here's a brief tutorial:

Open both my cameras.xml and your other camera mods cameras.xml in a text editor (I recommend Notepad++) and find (Control+F): View type="Head" ident="head-cam" - now copy everything from this line (normally number 1064) down to the end line: </View> (numbered) 1213 - then simply paste this information into your other cameras.xml file. Note that you can either overwrite the entire original "head cam" data section so only one cockpit camera remains, or you can add effectively new cameras by pasting the camera section between existing camera data sections. If you add new cockpit cameras then you'll need to change the second head cam name / ident= to something else like "head-cam2" Whatever you chose to do, please observe and maintain how the system within the cameras.xml works so that new / altered camera sections fit in exactly the same way as the original / other camera sections, otherwise you may cause game errors and issues.

Note: If your other .xml file isn't readable at first (opens but looks like a mess) then use Ryder BXML Convertor to change it into a readable format.

Known Issues:
- The cockpit cameras on replays only seem to use some static camera position changes and don't use certain aspects such as camera angle and the dynamic / physics-based effects. I believe that this is an issue with the game itself and not this mod, therefore I don't think it can be "fixed".

- If you ever use a camera file which has multiple cameras within it (basically my "Master Files") and decide to change to a camera file that uses only 1 camera you must quit the race event using either a non-cockpit camera, or the first cockpit camera - if you don't do this and change to a single camera file then the next time you try to load a race event the game will want to use a camera that is no longer there and it gets all confused, normally placing the camera over the circuit instead. To get things back to normal you'll have to use the multi-cockpit camera file again, reload a race event and change to a camera type as stated above, then quit...etc.
****UPDATE: This issue has been resolved and is not present in v1.6, so don't worry about leaving the camera on any particular view when exiting a race meeting****

Due to the size of this mod, I wouldn't be surprised if I've made a mistake here and there - if so please leave a message using the discussion section of this mod or directly send me a message and I get back to you asap.

Future Plans:
I'm now considering this mod complete and final as of v1.41 (edit: v1.5 & 1.6 were unplanned) and will only address mistake corrections if applicable.

Codemasters (obviously)!
Ryder for the BXML Convertor. for hosting the mod, and for the website in general.
The RD member "Levano" for vital feedback on the mod and reason / inspiration for the v1.3 Update
The RD community, for your kind words and inspiration.

Last point to mention:
I've left the camera.xml files in their converted therefore easily readable changeable file format, just for the convenience for aspiring code tweakers.

I hope you enjoy this mod,

Large Style

#forzajules - R.I.P.

Latest updates

  1. F1 2014 LS Cockpit Camera Mod v1.7

    Compatibility update to support F1 2016 mods by "krsskos" and "Kris"
  2. F1 2014 LS Cockpit Camera Mod v1.6

    Added my final camera versions for F1 2014 - for improvement reasons and in preparation for F1 2015.
  3. Reuploaded due to wrong file previously provided

    Error correction

Latest reviews

прекрасный мод! А можно сделать с таким изображением или похожим
Excellent again and yes the replay cams are static. They are some bugs in game code. Look at rain spray in replay only your car has rainspray on roostertail.
Large Style
Large Style
Thanks again (:
Very, very good work. Excellent!
For me the best realistic camera views for sim racing.
Thank you! :)
Large Style
Large Style
Thanks Theo!
excellent cockpit cam.
Large Style
Large Style
Thank you!
Fantastic mod.Thank you dude.
Large Style
Large Style
Thanks Jake - glad you enjoy it (:
Awesome mod, but is there a way to inject the mod so it doesn't effect the other mod i have on my 'cameras.xml'?
Large Style
Large Style
Thanks, and yes - I've just updated the mods Overview section to include a mod combining tutorial (:
Execellent work Well done :)
Large Style
Large Style
Thank you Salvo, glad you like it (:
Great update, very realistic camera position. :D
Large Style
Large Style
Thanks Levano for the inspiration behind v1.3 (:
I really like ur job man, its nice, and about the 1.21 I didn`t say i don`t like that, I admitted that`s useful, and its clear and absolutley better by 1.3 right now. so thank you very much.
Large Style
Large Style
"didn't say I don't like that" while giving it 1 star! Lol. No worries chap - I'm just glad you like 1.3.
Without a doubt the best Cockpit Camera MOD! Truely appreciate the amount of time and effort in creating this. Much appreciation. Thanks so much for caring n sharing....8)
Large Style
Large Style
Thank you very much heighpriest - it's always nice to hear when someone enjoys my contributions. Happy racing!
y did u make a million folders for 2 or 3 usefuls, man? :|
those all are the same n waste a century time to solve your Thinking outside the box puzzle. :)
Large Style
Large Style
There's always one, isn't there? I made 4 different seating positions each with FOV adjustments to suit differing monitor aspect ratios and personal tastes. If you don't like the mod then respectfully, don't use it. If you don't understand the mod then perhaps ask on the discussion section and not slag me off and give me 1 star - you might've gotten some help from me there.
Great Mod!! But can you make something like this
Large Style
Large Style
I'm going to make an instructional text file that'll be in my next (and probably last) update of this mod so others can easily adjust their own files to their own tastes. As for the helmet overlay - I have no idea how that's achieved, sorry.
Olá vc conseguiria mudar as câmeras no modo coop off line tela dividida igual ao f1 2012? Parabéns pelo mood.
Large Style
Large Style
Gonna need a translation on that (: Thanks for the 5 stars though.
Simply beatiful :D
Large Style
Large Style
Thank you very much (:
Just perfect! Thank you very much
Large Style
Large Style
Thanks, and you're welcome. v1.2 coming very soon with improved perfection!
thanks you, update v.1.1
Large Style
Large Style
Thank you, and you're welcome!
Thanks i make a video with this mod, i love it
Large Style
Large Style
Video looks good, thanks for sharing - just note that you've stated it's using the "LS Lower Cockpit Cams" mod when you're actually showing the "LS Cockpit Camera Mod" instead.
Hot damn this mod is intense. Coupling this with the realistic damage mod and it adds a much more authentic experience than the standard cockpit cam. One thing that is kinda tough though is the even more limited mirrors than the standard cockpit mod had, cars like Williams and Caterham especially. But all in all, this is an amazing mod, nice job!
Large Style
Large Style
Thank you (:
Each year codemasters rehashes the same horrid cockpit view that should be thrown in the bin. Thanks for making me feel like I'm in the cockpit, it's a pleasure to experience a more personal and adrenaline fuelled view that reflects what a rush it really is.
Large Style
Large Style
You've hit the nail one the head with your entire comment. Glad someone else sees things the way I do (:
amazing mod thanks
Large Style
Large Style
Thank you, and you're welcome (:
Large Style
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