Lower Ferndale V3 (for 13.03.2017)

A little bit lowered Ferndale

  1. Kubix
    To make it work just unpack installer called "Lower Ferndale" put it in game main folder and run it


    1. 516750_screenshots_20170323163944_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. leugim23PT
    Version: V3 (for 13.03.2017)
    at least you could keep the dll, i cant use the installer :(
  2. y tho
    y tho
    Version: V1
    come back u meme u kept teasing us with the van rim XD love the mod best ever better than ever ferndile is the best now
    1. Kubix
      Author's Response
      Oh lol you still remember that xD but now i learned a lot :) also thank you i like it more as well :D
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