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Lovely Dashboard 1.6.0

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A multifunctional feature packed SimHub Dashboard (DDU) and a matching Stream Overlay.

Download the latest release and read more on GitHub

Version 1.6.0 with ACC, iRacing, AMS2 & rF2 support is here!

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Latest updates

  1. More Sims added (ACC, iRacing, AMS2 & rF2)

    Same UI you've learned to love, but with new features and Sims! Download the latest release and...
  2. This and that, were at 1.5.3

    Download the latest release and read more on GitHub Minor tweaks have been added to this...
  3. Small UI Tweaks

    Download the latest release and read more on GitHub ⚠️ This version of the Lovely Dashboard...

Latest reviews

I can say no more than you need this, you can't get better than this (IMO), It has so much to offer and is feature pack, amazing
Gold standard of sim dashboards.
Vraiment très joli. Ne lui manque que les dommages à la voiture et il serait parfait.
Merci pour le travail et la partage.
Great dash, plans for rf2?
It really is a lovely dashboard. Works great and displays everything I need to see in ACC. It fits my ipad screen perfectly.
One of the best dash out there.

It has everything I needed and more, and the beauty of Simhub, you can change it how you want. Well made (widgets for everything) and constantly updated.

Works well in ACC.
Cheers mate! ACC, iRacing and soon AMS2 and rF2.
This dashboard hasn't stolen its name. Everybody can pack lots and lots of information in a dash but it then usually gets so 'busy' that you don't manage to read the necessary info in a blink of an eye during the heat of a race session. Not so with this dashboard where clearly the maker has put a lot of thought into making the design as clean as possible. Respect!!!
Thank you! Yes, I will say that many hours have gone in to the design and in total, hundreds so far to make this work. So, I appreciate all your kind words!
This is the best dash i have tried and it's now my default one too, it's very well laid out and has got better with version 1.5.3. One little thing i miss is a notification when ignition is off.

Top work love it!
It's coming back, but better ;)
As main dash I have nothing to say other than it's just perfect. However, since I use it as secondary dash, in addition to the one in the car, I wish it had a page with more readable info about fuel and, most importantly, stint time and pit window. That would make it just phenomenal.
There are "ideas" flying around. But currently my time is focused on new sims. AMS2 is in the works and rF2 right after...
Simply the best dash for ACC by far. not belittling the others, but this one is on another level. Congrats on the great job man.
Thanks Roger. I appreciate all the nice words!
It is absolutely the best designed and at the same time practical dash for Simhub. Love at first sight. Perfection itself.
Thanks man.
It is impressive; the hand of a professional designer is noticeable. The information displayed is enough for a race, the graphic design is very nice and the space is perfectly optimized. Awesome, thank you very much for The Mother of Dashboards
It is by far the best Dashboard that I have tried, the effort is really appreciated! Only two things that for me would be very good if you could add.
1. The Delta time of the opponent from the front and back.
2. Compatibility with F1 2021 or 22.
I've noted the Delta as an issue, but not sure how I can fix that since it's data that comes from Simhub. As for F1 series sims, I currently cannot commit to anything but ACC & iRacing.

This of course can change in the future.

Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to give feedback, much appreciated!
Your amazing dash is getting better and better! It is my all time dash now! There is currently no dash nearly as good as yours :)
Thanks man! So happy you enjoy it!
I cannot imagine a better dashboard or any suggestions to improve it, this is perfect!
Amazingly well designed! Thank you!
Thank you too for taking the time to review.
Complete and very well designed Dashboard !
Thank you.
Glad you enjoy it!
Absolutely amazing Dash - This is my new standard dash on VOCORE 5" :) Thanks for your work!
Thanks for taking the time to review the Lovely Dashboard!
Gorgeous, modern and efficient layout with as much useful data as you would need. It's my new favorite and looking forward to seeing this beauty on my display every race.
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  • Lovely Dashboard
    Lovely Dashboard
    A multifunctional feature packed SimHub Dashboard (DDU) and a matching Stream Overlay.