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Loupedeck CT profile for Assetto Corsa Competizione

Loupedeck CT profile for Assetto Corsa Competizione 3

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Too many settings in ACC to fit on your wheel ? Can't remember all those ECU maps and what each is for in every single car? And... you happen to own a Loupedeck CT?

Then this custom profile is for you! All the extra buttons (traction control, ABS, brake bias, etc.) are mapped to Loupedeck CT dials and buttons for easy access. This includes labelled (!) buttons for all ECU Maps for every GT3 car in the game. So, no more frantically trying to remember whether ECU map 5 in that BMW is a progressive wet mapping or rather a pace car setting.

I hope this will benefit someone else in the (admittedly, probably very small) niche of ACC fans who also own a Loupedeck CT! Have fun!

Instructions & use
Just pick your car model from the start pages (accessed via round button 1), and you're good to go (pic 1 below). The ECU maps for each car will be displayed as directly accessible, labelled buttons at your fingertips (pics 2 & 3). I have rearranged the layout of the ECU maps to make it more intuitive (generally, more aggressive settings to the left, wet mappings in 2nd row), but each button carries the original number of the ECU map to avoid confusion.

1 car selector.jpg

Example images for the Aston Martin V12 GT3 and the Porsche 991 II GT3-R Evo:

2 ECU maps Aston martin.jpg

2 ECU maps Porsche 991.jpg

Controls of TC, TC control cut, ABS, and brake bias are mapped to the rotational dials on the side, so just turn the knobs to adjust. If you are less interested in ECU maps (or drive a GT4 car with only 1 ECU map), there is also an alternative view. This can be accessed via round button 2. Here, TC, ABS, etc, are also available as +/- buttons (pic 4).

3 alternative electronics.jpg

Lights, flasher, rain light, and wipers are on the large wheel on the bottom (swipe left on the wheel to access the 2nd wheel page). Turning this wheel cycles through the dashboard pages in your car's cockpit.

Additional button pages include the camera & seat settings (accessed via round button 3) and the replay controls (accessed via round button 4).

Round buttons 5 - 8 switch to HUD MFD pages (realtime position, standings, electronics, pit stop menu). Square buttons 'arrow up' / 'arrow down' cycle through HUD layouts, and square button 'E' cycles through the modes of the car's RaceLogic device. Square buttons 'arrow left/right' operate the car's indicators. Square button 'save' is used to save replays (FN+save to save highlights).

That's all, folks!

Installation & set up
Import the profile into your Loupedeck CT software via settings>profile>import. The buttons use the default bindings in ACC, so it's pretty much plug&play - except for the ECU Maps. You have to map these in game to the following keyboard buttons for it to work as intended:

Set Engine Map to 0: Shift+4
Set Engine Map to 1: Shift+5
Set Engine Map to 2: Shift+6
Set Engine Map to 3: 4
Set Engine Map to 4: 5
Set Engine Map to 5: 6
Set Engine Map to 6: 7
Set Engine Map to 7: 8
Set Engine Map to 8: 9
Set Engine Map to 9: Shift+0
Set Engine Map to 10: Ctrl+4
Set Engine Map to 11: Ctrl+5
Set Engine Map to 12: Ctrl+6
Set Engine Map to 13: Ctrl+7
Set Engine Map to 14: Ctrl+8
Set Engine Map to 15: Ctrl+9

Yes, the bindings are not very intuitive :unsure: - but ACC uses keyboard buttons 1-3 for camera settings and this cannot be changed. So I had to find a workaround. But, set it up once and you're done.

If the icons (for lights, wipers, etc) do not work automatically, you will have to attach the .png files to their actions in the Loupedeck configuration software. Save the icons provided in the .zip with the profile somewhere on your computer. Then in the loupedeck software, search for the action (e.g, wiper) in the search bar on the left hand side. Click the little 'settings' symbol for the action, and click on the 'icon' symbol in the pop up menu. Here, you can browse for the .png files saved earlier, attribute it as icon for this action and adjust its looks. Not strictly necessary, but looks much better ;)

Please let me know if there are any errors in the profile, I'll happily correct them. Feel free to adapt the profile according to your own taste, this version is just what I found to be the most intuitive.

Original designs of the dashboard icons for headlights, flasher, rain lights, and wipers used were created by LAFS from the Noun Project.
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